Marvel Avengers Academy and the beach event to nowhere

A look at what TinyCo has done right and wrong with their first event in Marvel Avengers Academy and what they can do during the next one.

A look at what TinyCo has done right and wrong with their first event in Marvel Avengers Academy and what they can do during the next one.
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Marvel Avengers Academy had its first in-game event (Sun, Surf, and Mischief! — a.k.a. the beach event) this past week. Though it was pretty adorable, it left a lot to be desired. Watching Loki paddle in his Jörmungandr floatie was worth all the work from the event, but it would have been nicer if the whole thing had more substance.

Despite being a great first attempt, the beach event did not really have a concise finish that made the event feel worth it. This and a few other aspects of the event could have been done better, and we hope that lessons have been learned as we look toward the next one.

So, what are things that can be improved for the next Marvel Avengers Academy event?

The beach event included three multi-part quests sparked by Loki bringing a beach to the Avengers Academy. Players purchased the beach, a palm tree, and two new beach-themed outfits for Loki and Wasp. 

The last quest in the beach event did not yield anything of value in any way. After going through all the cute quests and hoarding beach balls, the end result was unsatisfying. Each quest only rewarded coins. Other games in similar genres would usually give you an actual reason (read: decent reward) for completing the event. 

The last good thing to do in the beach event was get Loki’s new outfit, the Beach Humbuggery Loki. After that, you upgraded the beach and then did time-consuming quests until the whole thing was over. All for just some coins.

With only coins as rewards, and a paltry sum at that, there was no incentive to actually complete the quests. Players could have just focused on doing whatever they want, like getting the cute outfits and not spending beach balls on anything else. 

The outfits and decorations for the event were on point — there was nothing on that front to spark complaint. But I would have liked to see Captain America in an American flag swimsuit. Maybe in July they can have a birthday bash for him where he gets a pair.

It’s hard to say whether the beach location will come into play now that the event is over. So far, there haven’t been any more quests revolving around the beach. Hopefully future events will take advantage of it, though, so that it doesn’t feel like a complete waste of space in your Academy.

The Next Event

Some players on Reddit speculate that the next event will be focused on roller coasters.

TinyCo should take more time to develop the next event. We need better rewards, more significance, and more reasons to complete the quests. Perhaps and exclusive reward that can only be obtained through quests would be a good way to make a better event experience in Marvel Avengers Academy.

What do you want from the next event? Let me know down in the comments!

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