Marvel Avengers Academy: Dating feature predictions

Dating is still locked on Marvel: Avengers Academy but players can still dream of what is to come.

Dating is still locked on Marvel: Avengers Academy but players can still dream of what is to come.
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Marvel: Avengers Academy has been taking the app store by storm since it’s release. However, not all of its features have been unlocked yet. You cannot have a superhero college game without having them able to date.

What information do we have about the dating feature?


Does that stop me from wondering on exactly what dating will be like once it’s unlocked and when we will get it?


What can we expect?

With no information to even hint at what will happen when we can finally have characters date, this means that we have to guess what it will be like until they finally unlock the feature. (They missed a perfect opportunity to unlock it on Valentine’s Day, but when it is not ready, it is not ready.)

Based on similar games there are certain things that we can predict will happen.

Set Partners vs Free-for-all

Anyone who has played High School Story or other school based app games, dating is a free-for-all that you get to manipulate. Will that mean that you get to choose exactly who Captain America, Iron Man, and all the others can date. 

Will it be based completely on possible comic book pairings? We see Black Widow and the Incredible Hulk dancing together as the preview image for the dating feature, this means that at the very least that they will be available to date. Captain America and Wasp are a pairing who has showed up in the comics, as well as Iron Man and Black Widow. 

Limiting the possible partners will really be limiting the game, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. 

Sexuality Constraints?

If there is freedom in choosing who dates who then, does that mean there will be sexuality barriers? While I hope that you can have your characters date any and every single other character, will they give us that freedom.

Canonically, Loki and Thor are not constrained by Midguardian sexuality. So making every character straight would be incorrect. 

Fingers crossed that players will get complete freedom when dating. More and more games are giving players freedom with who they date, and I do not think it is not unreasonable to expect this from Avengers Academy


In High School Story, having certain characters party together would create new characters. It would be very interesting for the dating feature to have something like that in the cards. For example, Black Widow and Captain America together could make Winter Soldier available. 

There are other types of things they can give players as rewards for building relationships between their characters. Getting extra coins, or even better, extra shards could really help out players as well. Not only would having rewards when you date the characters be a nice aspect of the game, but it could bring forth an avenue for more characters. 

Growing Relationships

If players get rewards, it will make sense that the stronger the relationship is, the better rewards we will be. Will there be any other advantages to growing relationships? Maybe you will have to have characters date to further quests. This would not be preferred, but it can happen. Considering that all quests are character specific, it would not be that much of a logical leap to believe it would happen. 

There are many directions that dating can go in Marvel: Avengers Academy. What would you like to happen?

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