Icicles and a stream of mist, Mei is the most annoying character.

Mei is the Most Annoying Overwatch Hero

Icicles and a stream of mist, Mei is the most annoying character.

Blizzard tends to pool quite a bit of effort into their game and character design, and that habit doesn’t stop with Overwatch.

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Not only is Overwatch action-packed and aesthetically pleasing, but it also comes with a unique set of playable heroes, all distinct from one another. We have Winston, the menacing gorilla who soaks up damage, Reaper, the floating harbinger of death, and Tracer, the speedy youthful agent with a seriously exaggerated accent.

Unfortunately, we also have Mei, who — in the right hands — I realize is probably the strongest and most annoying Overwatch hero.

I commend Blizzard for their ability to create new and exciting characters, but damn — Mei is crazy. Let’s take a look at what she has to offer:

Beneath the adorable appearance is a girl wishing hypothermia on her enemies.

She can slow and freeze people.

Mei was a scientist who took an oath to preserve the environment. Armed with her trusty climate-manipulation gun, she has the ability to slow and freeze her enemies — rendering them completely useless. Its range is not very long, but it’s incredibly hard to miss.

If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in a 1v1 situation with Mei, prepare to face your impending demise in the most embarrassing way possible. Watch as she freezes you and just stands there, smiling and laughing as you fall victim to a cold and deadly embrace. If Mei is feeling particularly generous, she might opt to take her sweet time lining up a quick head-shot. 

And speaking of head-shots…

She can snipe her enemies.

While you’ll normally find it more useful to spray ice at your foes, in some situations you may find it even more helpful to hurl a large lethal icicle.

In the right hands, Mei can make Widowmaker look like a buffoon. 

Her icicles fly straight and do a ton of damage. However, they do not freeze enemies. But even then, because of their properties, the icicle shooter acts as a competent sniper.

If she manages to strike you in the head, then it’s game over for you.

Want to win? Just encase yourself in ice.

She has a panic button.

Oops. Did you accidentally go Rambo and find yourself in a tough predicament? Did Tracer do that annoying technique where she runs in, throws a sticky bomb, and rewinds away?

Encase yourself in a block of ice and all will be well.

Yes, you heard that right. Mei can freeze you, but she can also freeze herself. If you somehow manage to almost kill her, all she has to do is press a button and poof, she’s now invulnerable. And if that’s not annoying enough, while encased in a block of ice, she also regenerates health.

If you’re unprepared for this, she’ll usually come out with guns blazing, and almost always come out on top.

She can create a wall.

Don’t try chasing Mei through narrow corridors. Not only does she thrive in close-medium range combat, but she can also wall you off if she feels threatened. 

Her ice wall obstructs line of sight, stops movement, and blocks all attacks. Mei mains can utilize this ability offensively and defensively. 

I’ve never felt so much hate and love for a video game character.

If utilized to her maximum potential, Mei could be the strongest and most promising character. 

Don’t let the friendliness of her primary weapon confuse you, Mei has a high skill-cap. What ultimately makes Mei viable are her abilities. When used in conjunction with her weapons, her abilities can significantly augment Mei’s presence on the battlefield. She won’t reach Genji’s level of moblity, Reinhardt’s innate tankiness, or 76’s consistent damage, but unlike other heroes, she has the potential to do them all.

Just don’t let this inspire you to play Mei. She’s still the most annoying character ever to exist, and we don’t need anymore of her.

Killing a Mei is satisfying. Surviving her combo is better (credit to JasonPressX).

If you need tips on how to deal with an annoying character like Reaper, GameSkinny has you covered. Check out all our Overwatch guides for more help rising to the top.

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