Minecraft Seeds for Beginners Who Don’t “Get” Minecraft

Finding the right Minecraft seeds for beginners may be just what you need to get your best friend to play.

Finding the right Minecraft seeds for beginners may be just what you need to get your best friend to play.

When you’re helping a friend get started in Minecraft, seeds for beginners are a great way to get them hooked. Otherwise they may end up like me — the first time I loaded up the game, I had no idea what I was doing. I also don’t think the map generated was very newbie-friendly, so I only played for an hour or so before getting frustrated and putting the game away for months.

I just didn’t get it. What was the big deal? The square figures looked worse than the games I grew up with in the early 1990s. For some reason, there were pigs everywhere I turned, and simply by hitting something a bunch of times with my fist, I was able to harvest things like wood?

As an engineer…it did not compute. 

But then, my friend suggested I try using specific seeds instead. I didn’t even realize I could do that. And once I did, I fell into the black hole of Minecraft, just like everyone else. 

This article will highlight some of the newbie-friendly options Minecraft offers. From fishing villages to giant snow-covered mountains, hopefully one of these will help pique the interest of new players. 

Here are a few great ones I’ve found:

Spawn on the Side of a Cliff!

Seed: 3145708
Biome: Ocean and Extreme Hills, with Forest across the pond

What I like about this one is that it’s a great example of how beautiful Minecraft can be. Usually when you just create a random world, I feel like I’m always stuck in the middle of the plains or a forest biome. Being able to start on a giant mountain surrounded by waterfalls and spewing lava is pretty cool. 

Spawn Next to a Blacksmith 

Seed: -253034652
Biome: Forest, Plains and some Extreme Hills

I think this is a great Minecraft seed for beginners because the player doesn’t start from scratch. You spawn right next to the blacksmith, giving you easy access to an iron pickaxe. The terrain is also great, as you have mountains very close by and a river to the right. 

…I know, I should’ve tried harder to include the river in the screenshot. But I didn’t want to pan out so far that you couldn’t see the farm. 

Spawn Right Next to a Large Village

Seed: 686298914
Biome: Desert and Plains 

I like to think of this seed as somewhat of a fishing village. It has a few more buildings and NPCs than the last one, possibly making it a little more newb-friendly. Because when I’m going up against an army of zombies, having a few buddies isn’t exactly a bad thing. 

Spawn on Top of a Large Hill 

Seed: -3574814999901596183
Biomes: Desert, Plains and some Extreme Hills

This seed spawns you very close to both a desert temple and dungeon. Even though neither one is very big, it is a good way to show your buddy these types of areas in Minecraft. 

Spawn on a Tundra Surrounded by Hills and Ice Spikes

Seed: -479955565
Biome: Tundra, Ice Spike Plains

For some reason, I love snowy areas in video games. That partially explains my fascination with Skyrim, since half of the entire game is in the snow. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent my entire life in Georgia and southern California, where getting 1 inch of snow means the end of the world is nigh. 

So I may be biased, but I picked this seed because of the beautiful landscape it creates. There aren’t exactly tons of animals in the snowy tundra, but there are enough trees and ore to help you get started in survival mode. 

Well, that’s all I’ve got. What are your favorite Minecraft seeds for beginners?


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