Almir tried to say sorry for everything that has been going on with Payday 2 but it's not enough for me.

My thoughts on Almir’s apology

Almir tried to say sorry for everything that has been going on with Payday 2 but it's not enough for me.
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If you are a big Payday 2 player you may know about what happened yesterday on the Steam community forums. Almir of OVERKILL Studios made what he called an “apology” and talked about what he was trying to do to improve the future of the game.

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Personally I feel that this whole apology is too little way too late. I feel that if he wanted to apologize he should have done one of two things.

One, is to have apologized about Crimefest soon after it ended. Many fans of the game were left wondering if Crimefest was even real because the last day of rewards was just horrible. It was a week’s worth of build up for a new jump animation, microtransactions, a new job and a few masks, wowee! How exciting. Then more recently there was the disaster that was the Complete Overkill Pack, or as I have been calling it the “complete bulls*** pack”. Players who bought this pack earlier this year paid over $20 to have a secret reward given to them later in the year. The reward was a single gun skin and old DLC for free.

Then he comes out with this over a week later saying, “Oh sorry, we know we messed up,” and leaves a message about a bunch of things he is working on. That’s great. He is working on trying to fix the game, but what is he going to do for players now to try and do some damage control? That leads me to the second thing that they could have done.

He could have gotten rid of all the gun skins and all the microtransactions that have been met with tons of hate. He could have given everyone who ordered the Complete Overkill Pack in-game money as a way to say sorry or a few masks or guns, anything to let players know they actually are sorry. Instead, we got an apology, if he knew all he was going to do was say sorry, why wait so long to say it. The Payday 2 community has been going nuts over all of this for the past few weeks and the best he can come up with now is “sorry”, it’s just not right.

Personally I am boycotting this game for at least the rest of the year, OVERKILL has done nothing but disappoint players for the second half of this year and it needs to stop, it’s not OK. Yes he apologized, but that’s not enough. I’m sorry too Almir, but saying “sorry” and giving a few ideas about what might possibly happen just doesn’t cut it for me.

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