My Wish for the Next Call of Duty

Could a new remastered version of Call of Duty be possible? Lets spread the word and make it happen.

Could a new remastered version of Call of Duty be possible? Lets spread the word and make it happen.
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As you may already be aware of, sales for the Call of Duty franchise have been slipping, specifically those for the series’ latest installment, Infinite Warfare. In my opinion, this has been a long time coming. With yearly iterations and gameplay “enhancements” like exoskeletons and boost jumps, the simplicity of the series’ early games, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, has gotten lost in the constant push for innovation and profit.

Because of this, and the recent release of a remastered Modern Warfare, I hope that we’ll soon get a remastered version of Modern Warfare 2, a game that, for me, was possibly one of the absolute best games in the series. A game that I know many gamers would love to play on current-gen consoles right now.

Not only would it be a treat to get a remastered version of the game, but one that also brought along with it new content and additions, like new multiplayer maps, weapons, and maybe even new multiplayer killstreaks.

Modern Warfare 2 was a great game because the content was always fun to play — and it still is today.

I often catch myself booting up my Xbox 360 just to play Modern Warfare 2. From the campaign to the multiplayer and spec ops missions, nearly everything about this installment was engaging and fun to play with friends and foes alike. The graphics were pretty good, too — for the time. But the in-depth, detailed, and open level design made both the single player and multiplayer experience all the more harrowing — and all the more fun for run-and-gunners and snipers, too. In fact, many of the levels represented real-world locales, like the Favela, which can be found in Brazil.

But when exoskeleton suits and boost jumps started showing up in the franchise, I started to lose interest. And, as the series began to venture into more futuristic settings, the controls grew more advanced and cumbersome. I felt at a disadvantage to those who had Scuff Controllers or any controller that allowed paddles on the back for increased speed and fidelity.

Modern Warfare 2 will be a great game remastered. I’m sure the community would love to go back refill the excitement that this game used to bring. From quick scoping noobs from across the map to playing for hours in hopes to earn a 25-Killstreak tactical nuke. The game had a broad variety of different types of enjoyment that came with it. Also, the simplicity of controls complimented the game greatly. Once this game gets remastered, does it open the door for a master collection of other Call of Duty games? Stay tuned.

It would be great to hear some feedback from the community and I would love to hear your opinions on this topic. Feel free to comment below!

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