is the latest survival style .io game and it is pretty fun. Check it out.

New Survival .io Game: Impressions is the latest survival style .io game and it is pretty fun. Check it out.

Last week I created a post about a great new .io game called A pretty unique survival/strategy style game with graphics that are reminiscent of Well, it would seem that it caught the attention of gamers and developers alike. With one developer adding a new game to the every growing list of .io games, called

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You can play the game here. Overview

You start as a cute little character in a world of very simple graphics, surrounded by stylised trees, rocks, bushes, rabbits, evil fox-like creatures and of course other players. You have nothing to your name, except for Minecraft style fists that seemingly have the ability to punch the wood right off a tree. Good thing too, because you need to collect some wood to make a campfire and some basic wooden tools like a wooden pickaxe.

In the bottom left you will find a health bar, hunger bar and heat (cold) bar. You have to make sure none of them run too low. If they do, you die.

The easiest bar to keep full is your health. Just avoid fighting of any kind — that includes fighting players and foxes. Foxes are pretty easy to avoid, but sometimes they do follow you, so stay alert. Of course, players will sometimes attack you for no reason and there is not much you can do early on in the game except run away.


Keeping your hunger bar full is a little tricky when you first start the game. You need to find a berry bush — hit it a few times and you will get some berries in your inventory. You can click on them to eat them. This will satisfy your hunger.

Staying warm can be simple, you just need to find a campfire. Finding players with a fire is usually easiest when you first play the game. After a few plays, you will figure out that a campfire can easily be made, as long as you collect enough wood.


There you go, those are the bare bone basics of the game. Collecting anything beyond wood and berries requires you to create additional tools. For example, collecting stone requires a pick axe. You can craft a wooden pickaxe when you have collected enough wood.

The game has many items you can craft and the developer has deliberately left the player to explore the crafting, so I won’t spoil it for you and list off all the items.

My Feelings on

Generally, I like the game. style item collecting is very nice, and it would suggest to me that we will see many more survival style .io games. I also like the simplicity of the crafting system. It only took me a few plays to figure everything out.

I’m not the biggest fan of the graphics, they are a little too stylised for my tastes, but that is just me.

It will be interesting to see where the .io gaming community places this game. The initial response seems to be extremely positive. What do you think?

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