No Man’s Sky – A Personal Analysis of the PC Situation

Here is my personal opinion on the situation with the PC port and the issues that come with it.

Here is my personal opinion on the situation with the PC port and the issues that come with it.
The Situation

No Man’s Sky has released, finally, on PC. I was among the insane amount of people who were very excited for it, and played it the day of release. Sadly, for most people (not me thankfully) the PC port wasn’t working very well — even for people who had a way higher PC config than the minimum specs. Currently, we have absolutely no idea why this is happening. It could be an issue with the drivers, it could also be certain CPU/GPU combinations, or it could simply just be a bad PC port. Some of the people the game does actually work for dislike the game itself. But others (like myself) actually like the game, and we’re quite happy.

There was some controversy on the first day of release for the PS4 version when two streamers actually found the same planet but ultimately couldn’t see each other. This raised concern for many despite Sean Murray tweeting a while ago that players shouldn’t go in expecting it to be a full multiplayer experience. While multiplayer doesn’t matter to me, some people think that Hello Games was trying to manipulate players due to the fact that 1-2 years ago they were saying there would be multiplayer. I’m assuming after testing it out they realized it probably wasn’t going to work out so they removed it.

My Personal Opinion

What I’ve seen when it comes to people who are saying that the game is a big disappointment is that they expected the game to be some fast-paced PvP game with some survival elements, which to an extent is true — minus the PvP. From what I personally thought after watching the trailers, No Man’s Sky looked like a pretty relaxed game where you travel to different planets and discover new things. It very much met my expectations, which I was very happy about.

Yeah, sure, there are some issues with the PC port — it straight out not working for some people, FPS drops which I have experienced, and crashing. I am more than certain they will find a way to fix it. It could be the smallest little thing in the files that they wouldn’t even think to check. This may be fixed in the new update that Hello Games are planning on, which adds space freighters and base building. All of the future content updates they decide to add will be free and this has been stated before.

I’m very excited to see what they add in the future, as this game is quickly becoming my favorite game to just sit back and relax to the beautiful ambient music. But, to each their own.

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