Want to game between naps? Then I suggest Tuber Simulator

Pewdiepie’s “Tuber” Simulator… More like “Waiting” Simulator

Want to game between naps? Then I suggest Tuber Simulator
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PewdiePie’s Tuber Simulator is a stereotypical iOS and Android tap the app game, with a retro stylised appearance where you can become a global star through creating viral videos. Just tap on things and things will happen… slowly, oh so very slowly!

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If there was ever a phrase to describe this game, it would be non-content. This game does not describe a single damn thing! In fact, I’m a little unsure of what you actually do in this game. I get the premise — get as many viewers and subscribers as possible through making videos.

These videos range from ‘Flat Earth is Real’ to ‘Bleep Bloop the Musical’ and take about a minute each to record. You’re encouraged to ‘boost’ the recording, where, for example you can make Edgar the Dog wear a costume he hates whilst you watch an ad and your views double for a while. The game allows you to follow what is trending, with an icon. These are things such as musical notes, and they relate to icons when picking 1 of video types you’re given. Best to choose one that’s trending, I suppose?

Views are the in-game currency; spend these to upgrade your video making room. The more items in your room makes it easier to level up your character, and generate bigger and better items. Items you populate your room with take time to add to the game, and there are tasks to complete, such as gain 5000 total fans for some reward. Oh and there is a mini-game called “Puggle.”

Overall, Tuber Simulator is a really shallow game, with no depth at all. It is very repetitive and has a lot of pointless waiting, without Pewdiepie’s name to it, it would not be at all successful. In all honesty, I found the game dull and superficial and maybe a little passive aggressive.

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