Platinum Trophies: Only for the Pros?

Are Platinum Trophies only for the best of the best?

Are Platinum Trophies only for the best of the best?

Platinum trophies are the best of the best when it comes to awards from PlayStation games. To achieve a platinum trophy, you have to 100% a game. This means that you must complete every repetitive sub-quest, achieve a gold medal in every challenge, and complete obscure challenges set by the developers.

Basically, by getting a platinum trophy and completing the game to the 100% required, you are playing the game to its fullest extent — meeting all the requirements of the developer and playing exactly how they wanted you to.

You may think that this is quite self explanatory, but think about this: if developers wanted gamers to explore each game to its fullest potential, these trophies wouldn’t be set at levels where only a small percentage of people can achieve them.

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I personally am yet to get a platinum trophy, though I am not far off with Just Cause 3 and Saint’s Row 4.I am trying very hard and putting lots of hours into these to get them (hopefully). 

The time it takes for a player to 100% complete a game obviously depends on their personal skill level, the difficulty of the game, and requirements of the trophy itself. For example: Trine 2 takes an average of 3-5 hours to complete, and is relatively easy to get through. On the other hand, games like Super Meat Boy can take much longer and are so much harder. 

Super Meat Boy

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These trophies are meant to be difficult so that you get a sense of real achievement — but perhaps some of these are too long and too difficult. I personally feel like some platinums could be slightly excessive compared to other ones. And sometimes they can demand a level of skill and time commitment that only professional players can put in. That can be a little unfair to the rest of us. 

What do you think? Should platinum achievements stay the same? Are they too hard, or do you believe that they aren’t hard enough and you require more of a challenge?

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