Pokemon Go is the Best Fitness App

Pokemon Go is making me fit in a way only Pokemon can get away with.

Pokemon Go is making me fit in a way only Pokemon can get away with.
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I am lazy — This is a fact — However, like my fellow gamers we love Pokémon and that is why Pokémon Go was arguably the worst and best thing to ever happen to me.

Last night, I walked my dog for hours, just so I could hatch some eggs (they were a Rattata and Ekans, such a dissapointment), and I can’t even remember a time where I went outside for fun.

Pokemon Go is using nostalgia in order to get people like me active, and outside. Which is not a bad thing per say, because I always wanted to get fit — but I never had the drive to do so.

I tired to use other apps to get fit and they were entertaining enough, but they lacked that special something. By using other apps the games consisted of running and unlocking achievements and bragging about them on social media, but what sets Pokemon Go above the rest of other apps is that it is actually fun and it feels like you are accomplishing something.

Add in a strong nostalgia factor and you got yourself the next big fitness craze. Seriously, some of my friends have never even played a Pokemon game and they are higher levels than me. 

So yeah, I am going to continue running around like a goof, trying to catch em’ all, but at least I will finally look good doing so. 

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