Predicting the Events in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

We think we know what's going to happen in Life is Strange: Before the Storm based on the teaser trailer.

We think we know what's going to happen in Life is Strange: Before the Storm based on the teaser trailer.
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When Life is Strange: Before the Storm was announced at E3 2017, many fans (including myself) got incredibly excited for the game. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is the prequel to the smash hit indie game Life is Strange, and will allow players to assume the role of Chloe Price -- Max's best friend in the original game, and one of the crucial characters of the story.

Since Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel, everything that will take place will obviously happen before Life is Strange. But what exactly will happen...? What kind of events will unfold in the prequel based on the trailer that we were given, and what we know from Life is Strange?

Here, we will try and piece some of the information together, and try to predict some of the narratives that we'll most likely see woven into Life is Strange: Before the Storm. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that in the prequel, Chloe is 16 years old -- while in Life is Strange, she is 19 years old. So, for the sake of this story, let's assume that Life is Strange: Before the Storm spans across Chloe's age from 16 to 19. 

These are not supposed to be spoilers or giveaways in any way. Instead, they are more like theories that we think have a chance of turning out to be accurate based on what we already know. 

(Caution: If you have not played Life is Strange, or are currently in the process and wish to avoid spoilers, don't go further.)

More Info About Rachel Amber

At first, this guess may be pretty obvious -- so why even bother writing about Rachel? As you may already know, Rachel's disappearance in Life is Strange is one of the most important key plots of the game. Max and Chloe dedicate a hefty amount of their time trying to find Rachel, only to discover her body eventually.

However, in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, we might find out more about her as a person, who she was, how she and Chloe met, as well as what kind of relationship they had. Ever since Max left Arcadia Bay to move to Seattle, Rachel became Chloe's best friend. Rachel was also the one who brought Chloe "back to life" ever since Max stopped keeping in touch and Chloe's father died.

Also, ever since she disappeared, Chloe spent a lot of resources and time to distribute missing person reports around Arcadia Bay, hoping that someone had information on Rachel -- after all, both girls planned to escape Arcadia Bay and live their lives together in California. 

So, it's fair to say that such a character who was so important to Chloe will definitely have an important role in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. We only heard of her from other people in Life is Strange, so it would certainly be very interesting to finally see her in person in the prequel, as well as get to know her a lot better. 

Chloe Dyes Her Hair 

One of Chloe's biggest trademarks is her blue hair. Her blue hair not only makes her stand out in a crowd and is easily identifiable, but also expresses her rebellious and punk-like persona. Chloe is after all, a rebel. With her father dying, Max leaving, and Rachel disappearing (eventually), it's no wonder why Chloe became so unruly and rebellious later on in her life, and started to hate the world for being so unfair to her. As a result of all that, her blue-dyed hair became part of her image -- it's who she is. 

In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, clearly, Chloe's hair is brown, so it would be very interesting to witness her undergo this "official" transformation/makeover, and finally let us see her change into the Chloe we all know and love. Perhaps we will even get to see her get that tattoo that is on her right arm as well?

Chloe Gets Kicked Out of Blackwell Academy

In Life is Strange -- particularly episode 3, when Max and Chloe break into the principal's office and rummage through the school files -- players can come across Chloe's file. As the file states, Chloe's obnoxious, aggressive, and rude behavior caused her to get expelled. But if we take a closer look at the trailer from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, it is revealed that at one point, she does attend the academy. So it's safe to predict that we will indeed witness Chloe acting out in class and causing disruptions in the middle of lectures. We will also possibly see her getting expelled, and what she does from that point on.

Adding to that, another important point that needs to be made is how Chloe will most likely meet Nathan Prescott while attending the academy, since that is where things between them will start to escalate, and ultimately lead to the events in Life is Strange. But more on that in the next slide.

Chloe and Nathan

In the very first episode of Life is Strange, we see Chloe confronting Nathan in the school's bathroom. We later find out that Nathan has been dealing drugs to other students -- and at one point, even drugged Chloe (something we will probably witness in Life is Strange: Before the Storm). Because of such actions, Chloe decided to use that information to extort money from Nathan through blackmail.

Chloe needed the money not only to pay Frank back, who lent her a pretty penny (around $3,000 actually) that was most likely needed to fix her truck, but also to have a little extra for herself and Rachel when the two planned to escape from Arcadia Bay. But ever since Rachel disappeared, Chloe really needed the money to pay Frank back.

In a way, this would tie in with Chloe attending Blackwell Academy since that is where she first met Nathan and found out who he is and what his deal is, and how their first "adventure" began.

The Game Might End With...

There is a very good chance that Life is Strange: Before the Storm will end with Chloe walking into Blackwell Academy to confront Nathan -- where Life is Strange begins. This would create a very smooth and perfect transition between the two games, almost like you're playing one full game. Not only that, but players will (in a way) have the opportunity to step into Life is Strange one last time, but as a different character -- an extremely important character nonetheless. 

Life is Strange: Before the Storm looks like it will end right when Life is Strange will start off -- and that in itself would be a beautiful ending, because you'll know exactly what will go on from that point, and how the story will unfold.


The first of the three episodes of the game is set to release on August 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. What are some of the events you'll think will happen in Life is Strange: Before the Storm? Let us know in the comment section!