Someone Made a Render of the PS5 Dev Kit, and It Still Looks Silly

The PS5 won't look like this. I mean, it can't, right?

The PS5 won't look like this. I mean, it can't, right?

Look, I know dev kits never look anything like the finished product. What we see now isn’t what we’ll see in our living rooms when the PS5 finally launches. Designs change over time.

I totally get that. 

But this allegedly leaked PlayStation 5 dev kit looks 90s’ sci-fi gauche. Put another way, it looks like something straight out of Alien 3. You know, the first bad Alien movie. 

To see what it would look like IRL with colors and luster, Let’s Go Digital, the Netherlands-based publication that first broke the news about the early design patent and leaked dev kit images, worked up a full 3D render of the kit. 

Feast your eyes upon its awkwardness. 

Sure, if the PS5 is as powerful as Sony has suggested, it’s going to need lots of ventilation, which this design certainly has. The PS4 gushes heat like an air balloon, and it undeniably has problems with ventilation depending on its setup and alignment. 

I don’t know exactly what the solution to that “problem” is with something as stout as the PS5, but it’s not this glossy boomerang with gills. 

I know I’m being hard on something that only exists in an infinitesimally small quantity and will never see production at scale. And I know that this design is far more utilitarian and elegant than the PS4 dev kit

But hey, it’s a Friday, traffic sucked, and I had thoughts. Sometimes, you just have to roll with it and have a little fun. 

At least we’re not subscribing to the idea that Sony could call the next PlayStation the PSV because of the design’s “V-shaped” notch (even though that’s not the craziest idea I’ve ever heard). 

Header and copy images via LetsGoDigital

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