The Bizarre Simulator “My Summer Car” Could Be the Next Big Thing

My Summer Car is a baffling mix of Day Z and Goat Simulator that could change its genre for good.

My Summer Car is a baffling mix of Day Z and Goat Simulator that could change its genre for good.
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My Summer Car features the same campy, Tim and Eric-esque presentation that catapulted Goat Simulator to fame and notoriety — but instead of steering a goat through the sky at break-neck speed, the player steers a custom vehicle which he or she builds, maintains, and occasionally drives off of tall precipices. There’s a catch, however; Permadeath awaits reckless (or wreckful) players in a style similar to Day Z. Death means total loss, and a restart is required after the unfortunate event unfolds. So, safe driving!

Where the game is most interesting is its emphasis on the minute details of building and maintaining a vehicle. The player chooses everything from the body to the engine itself, and must install any modifications manually (yes, even on the engine). Radiator fluid and gasoline levels must be kept at healthy levels, lest you find yourself stranded on the side of a dirt road. For all of its goofy qualities, My Summer Car is a comprehensive simulator that brings a fresh experience to the long-insipid genre.

In addition to maintaining one’s car, the game forces players to maintain themselves as well. The player character needs to be fed, with The Sims-like meters indicating how hungry or full the character is at any given moment. Similar meters exist for fullness of the bladder, thirst, and the mysterious “dirtiness” stat. The survival aspect of My Summer Car enhances the overall experience by adding more depth to gameplay, and the new possibilities that it creates are both surprising and refreshing.

My Summer Car is available as an early access title on Steam for $14.99. Considering the number of features already present in the game, there’s no doubt that the game will get better and better with time. If you’re still wondering if the game is worth your time, I found this “let’s play” video which shows what it’s all about.

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