The Death of Disney Infinity Could Mean There is a Chance for Marvel vs Capcom 4

Disney's new stance on outsourcing intellectual properties gives a small bit of hope for Marvel vs Capcom 4.

Disney's new stance on outsourcing intellectual properties gives a small bit of hope for Marvel vs Capcom 4.

Disney recently announced that Avalanche, the studio which publishes their game Disney Infinity, will be shutting down. With the end of Disney Infinity comes an inkling of hope for fans of Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom series, as Disney has stated that they will be looking to outsource their intellectual properties to other video game companies. 

While there are no definites in this situation, the announcement might mean that there is a chance we could see some iteration of Marvel vs Capcom in the future.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has been on a steady decline for the past couple of years. MvC3 used to be one of the big guns in fighting game tournaments but isn’t getting nearly as many viewers in streams as it had in previous years. MvC3 has been pronounced “dead” by members of the Fighting Game Community multiple times, only to be brought back out of its death throes when something big happens in a tournament or drama between top level players is going on.

Whether the game would be a pure Marvel vs Capcom is debatable, as Disney has placed restrictions on iconic characters like Wolverine, Doctor Doom, and Deadpool from appearing in any new video games after they appeared in Kabam’s mobile Marvel-themed fighter Marvel: Contest of Champions.

While losing these characters would be sad, as they have been staples in past Marvel vs Capcom games, the possibility for newcomers from other Disney franchises could maybe serve as replacements. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Mickey Mouse get decked in the grill by Akuma?      

Capcom could use a bit of positive reinforcement from their fans, as there has been a good deal of criticism over Street Fighter 5’s recent release. A lack of single-player modes and problems with servers have led to a slew of negative reviews on Steam, and Capcom has spent the time since SF5’s launch trying to get back into the good graces of their customers. Bringing back the Marvel vs Capcom series could be exactly what Capcom needs to atone for their mistakes. 

Capcom would have to pay a pretty penny in order to get the rights needed to make a new Marvel vs Capcom game, and there is a possibility that Disney might not want anything to do with a revival of the series, but some hope is better than no hope at all. So until then,


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