The Division 2 Hyena Key and Chest Locations

Faction keys are your ticket to rare and powerful loot, and this guide tells where to find Hyena keys, while also touching on Hyena chest locations.

Faction keys are your ticket to rare and powerful loot, and this guide tells where to find Hyena keys, while also touching on Hyena chest locations.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 includes a wide range of postgame content, much of which revolves around taking on high-difficulty challenges. To successfully tackle these obstacles, you’ll need some stronger gear and weapons.

To obtain those, you first need to find special faction chests, also called faction caches. These come in three types: Hyena chests, True Sons chests, and Outcast chests.

But there’s a catch. Finding the chests doesn’t let you open them automatically. Instead, you must also find a special key corresponding to the chest type. These keys are typically not found near the same areas their corresponding chests are, so you have to look elsewhere.

The Division 2 Hyena Key Locations

Unfortunately, the exact whereabouts of Hyena Keys and the other Faction Keys is a bit of a random thing. There are specific key cabinets you can check, but there’s no guarantee looting said areas will give you what you’re looking for.

The type of key in the cabinet depends on what faction is currently controlling the area you’re in.

If it’s the Hyena Faction, you stand a better chance of finding a Hyena Key in the cabinet. If you aren’t in a faction-controlled area, then there’s no influence on the type of key.

The most likely places for success are the various underground tunnels dotted around D.C., including the sewers.

As such, the game gives you plenty of areas you can potentially use for Hyena Key farming, and Faction Key farming in general.

For example, right behind where you start your first mission in D.C., at the south end of the White House lawn, you’ll find an entrance to the underground.

As you can see from the image, the map displays a down-arrow in spots where you can descend underground.

Another place where you can enter the sewers and find Faction Keys includes Roosevelt Island.

There’s another underground entrance west of the Safe House in West Potomac Park.

Just north of that location is another sewer, where you can find two key cabinets, then another one near the ladder at the end.

The Dark Recon Mission marker is near several sewer entrances as well.

The sewer to the west houses two keys, one to the right of the entrance and the other near a large door you encounter as you travel through.

North of the Dark Recon marker is yet another sewer with keys. Enter the sewer and go left, and then enter the room on the right. Near the Nitrogen Cannister is a key cabinet. The other is in the room with the red light. Follow the path around the computer room, and the cabinet is on the wall.

The Division 2 Hyena Chest Locations

The next logical step after amassing your horde of Hyena Keys is to find the corresponding chests, which have some of the game’s best loot and weapons. 

Hyena Chests are fairly easy to find, though their contents are random. Nevertheless, they respawn following three criteria: after you leave the area or complete another mission — or after 24 hours, whichever comes first. If you don’t get what you want the first time, you aren’t completely out of luck.

Our guide for finding and assembling the Chatterbox SMG contains several Hyena chest locations, but there are some additional Hyena chests out there, ones that could contain exotic items unrelated to the Chatterbox.

Judiciary Square Hyena Chest

The area’s second Hyena chest — not the one at the bottom of the elevator shaft — is at the area’s eastern edge. Go in the alley next to the red brick building from the east until you reach a ladder.

Climb the ladder, enter a room and climb another ladder, and you’ll emerge on the rooftop near the Hyena chest.

Federal Triangle Hyena Chests

Our Chatterbox guide mentions the Jefferson Trade Center Hyena chest location, but there are two more in the Federal Triangle area.

The first one is in a building to the northeast of the safe house. Head into the building’s atrium, turn right to find a ladder, climb up the scaffolding, and shuffle along facing the left wall to find the Hyena chest

The second Federal Triangle Hyena chest is in the area’s northeastern sector. If you stroll down the main street, you’ll notice a multistory building whose bottom portion is yellow. Go down the alley there, climb up the ladder, and you’ll find the Hyena chest on the roof.

District Union Arena Hyena Chest

There’s one Hyena chest in the District Union Arena, and you can find it during a mission. Before going into the garage during the Eliminate the Hyena Council objective, head into the mall’s ground floor. Across the hall from the stairs is  a room, and the chest is in there, near some ATM machines

Downtown East Hyena Chests

The Downtown East area has two chests very close to each other, near the Meret store. Go to the corner of H St NW and 9th St NW, and look for an entryway with green paint above it. Follow the corridor to emerge in front of the Meret store, and the first chest is inside, in the left corner.

Back outside, you’ll see a rope that takes you back up to the street. Climb the rope, enter the cafe on the roof, and the Hyena chest is behind the bar.

All of this is sure to keep you busy for a while, but if you’re looking for some other tips and tricks to improve your time in D.C., check out our The Division 2 guides portal.

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