We take a look at the new toy cars which let you recreate all your Rocket League matches IRL.

The Rocket League Mini Pull Back Cars from Zag Toys Are Pretty Cool

We take a look at the new toy cars which let you recreate all your Rocket League matches IRL.
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Zag Toys has just released toy cars based on the popular Psyonix game Rocket League in Gamestop and Target. Though they might seem like a gimmick at first, these are really a throwback to pull back cars of the past — such as the Hot Wheels line from the 1990s. However, unlike Hot Wheels and more like sticker collections or Pokémon cards, the cars are sold “blind” — meaning you don’t know which ones you’ve got until you unpack the bag at home.

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Some have criticized this tactic, saying Zag Toys are attempting to get as much money as possible via pester power. But judging by the screenshots available online, the designs are pretty faithful to Rocket League, so this isn’t quite a cheap knock-off attempt at merchandise pushing.

These Rocket League toy Battle Cars are made from a lightweight plastic, unlike the metal-based Hot Wheels or Matchbox of yesteryear. These new toy cars could quite easily replicate the physics-breaking battles of the popular game in real life! Zag Toys has also linked back to the original source material by packaging the cars in a replica of the ball used in the game to score goals.

The sets include the common models in Rocket League, such as Gizmo (which looks like an off-road buggy) and Octane, a popular favorite with the serious pro players. Like sticker packs, some “blind bags” may feature a Rare electroplated or Super-Rare Mystery Car. Getting one of these cars in your pack will give you a code which you can use for a special in-game item — so there is some reward there for continuing to buy in, and it translates to the actual Rocket League game.

The toy range is innovative in its lightweight design and attention to detail. Having a tie-in to the mechanics of and the power ups within the game is another clever idea, as it demonstrates how the merchandise is directly connected to the game (as opposed to wearing a t-shirt with your favorite game in it).

Furthermore, choosing to put the cars in a replica of the Rocket League ball has been a smart move for Psyonix and Zag Toys as it means that fans can recreate the game in a way that’s a lot more tactile and less expensive than VR! You can read more about the toy range on Psyonix’s website.

Will you be buying the toys as part of your game merchandise collection, or do you think they are a cash-grabbing gimmick? Let us know in the comments below!

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