The Sonic LEGO Dimensions Level Pack Is Seriously Worth It

The best level pack EVER for Lego Dimensions... welcome to the gang, Sonic!

The best level pack EVER for Lego Dimensions... welcome to the gang, Sonic!

Yay, finally Lego Dimensions has introduced Sonic to the franchise as a level pack and we are all super excited. After Ghostbusters and Jurassic World, to name but a few, it seems fitting that Sonic becomes available for Lego Dimensions, it feels a perfect marriage. The appearance of blue bricks and blurs is arguably the best thing to come out of Sonic’s 25th anniversary this year. The best part of Lego Dimensions is building the Lego itself and adding them to the happy Dimensions portal.

In the pack, players receive Sonic and two vehicles — the Sonic speedster and Tornado bi-plane. These can be upgraded and enhanced within the game, not just with additional on-screen paint jobs, but complete rebuilds of the Lego car pieces to create Crabmeats and Motobugs. The versatility of this is truly brilliant within the game and looks super impressive. This level pack is great value, offering considerably longer game play than in other Dimensions level packs and there is also a completely new story available.

The Sonic figure itself comes with a gold ring to hold, but this can be swapped for a number of other articles, including Marty McFly’s guitar, or Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver! Yes, it’s purely decorative, but who cares when we can all be as imaginative as possible, go crazy and take Sonic on some weird and wonderful adventures!

The in-game level’s structure is a whirlwind tour of iconic stages from the series past — from Green Hill to the Emerald Coast, with the eventual final showdown at the Death Egg. It is full of nostalgic nods, each broken up by a visit to a Sonic 2 inspired special stage.

It can be said that Lego Dimensions manages to cohesively weave Sonic’s past into an entire game more effectively than SEGA’s own attempt 5 years ago. The dimension hopping game concept really is the perfect fit for Sonic.

For those concerned about the conflicting play style of Dimensions and Sonic, don’t be. Sonic has not been slowed down and can use homing attacks, spin dashes and wheel o’feet, they’re all there waiting to be used!

Mainly a 3D game, there are some 2D sections which are very reminiscent of the traditional Sonic game play, with loop-de-loops a plenty. Other characters from other levels can join in on the fun, where they can temporarily gain Sonic’s running abilities and it’s really funny to watch Homer Simpson rolling around at the speed of sound. Seeing Sonic crossover and interact with the other characters is sheer joy and players are almost doing the game a disservice to only buy the game for Sonic alone.

The game’s highlight is its presentation, with wonderful cut scenes and visual jokes aplenty, with some superb voice acting. The wit of the cartoon Sonic Boom has certainly been recreated in this game. There are lots of referential nods to the original games, creating a truly fan-pleasing experience, with its tongue-in-cheek, playful charm. The attention to detail is spot on too, despite the whizzing and fast paced nature of the game.

This game is an absolute gem and is definitely worth the purchase. It’s positively filled with loving nostalgia that deeply connects with fans of the original games. It is a brilliant 25th birthday present for Sonic, almost like a whistle stop tour of Sonic’s history.

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