The XCOM 2 mods we want to see the most

We know XCOM 2 is going to be moddable, so here are some game modifications we'd like to see.

We know XCOM 2 is going to be moddable, so here are some game modifications we'd like to see.

With the upcoming release of XCOM 2, turn-based strategy players are growing, even more, excited as each day passes us by. One of the best things about the previous game was that the community could mod it to their liking, ensuring a custom experience could be had. New difficulty levels, new soldiers, and enhanced gameplay just gave us a taste of what could be had. The sequel is promising to improve upon that even further.

Of course, it is nearly impossible to tell what mod developers are going to produce for a game that has yet to be released, but looking back at XCOM: Enemy Unknown, we can, at least, get an idea of what could be had.

XCOM 2 Long War Mod

Long War was one of the greatest mods for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within, and the studio behind it has already announced they intend to release an expanded version for the sequel.

Long War featured fully voiced characters, new programming and design, brand new game maps, new artwork, and even an extended campaign mode for those who enjoy single-player experiences.

Along with all of that, the mod offered new weapons, armor, and enemies to tackle, especially in the interception mini-game. 

We can only imagine what XCOM 2 can hold with all of this.

XCOM 2 Uber Mod

Uber Mod is basically a cheat for the original game, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is highly recommended that you complete the game at least once before using it, though.

For those who just want to save the world from the alien menace, Uber Mod will offer more cash, stronger soldiers, more electricity and Satellite uplinks, faster building, research, healing, and repairing, and even panic level adjustments. It is like godmode

It is like an uber-easy mode, basically.

XCOM 2 Commander’s Choice Mod

Our one grip with XCOM: Enemy Unknown was not being able to fully customize the specialty – or class assignment – of our soldiers when they ranked up. With Commander’s Choice, though, you can finally do that.

When a Rookie soldier is promoted in the normal game, a random class is offered to them. With this mod, though, you get to choose which class they take, that way you can boost your squad to your personal liking.

Unfortunately, it did not work with MECs, as that would have been too cool.

XCOM 2 Military Retexture Pack Mod

XCOM: Enemy Unknown had beautiful graphics for a turn-based strategy game, that much is evident in the gameplay and screenshots produced. However, some players wanted things a bit more realistic.

Military Retexture Pack gives a reskin to all soldiers to ensure they appear a bit more like actual military units instead of a rag-tag bunch of mercenaries.

The mod fixed almost every single armor type and skin in the game, including Carapace, Skeleton, and Archangel. They even did some work on the weapons, including laser and ballistic.

XCOM 2 Map Pack Mod

The XCOM EW Map Pack introduced, obviously, brand new maps for the community to enjoy. The vanilla game already had a wide assortment, but that could always be expanded upon. 

The Map Pack included 16 brand new abduction maps, 1 new UFO crash landing map, and 6 new terror maps, which are the bane of all players.

These new maps would appear randomly throughout the game in order to mix things up, and it worked effortlessly.

We’re truly hoping to see more mods from the community, though these five are the perfect starting point for XCOM 2. Perhaps a savvy studio will take the game under their wing and give us a Star Wars overhaul.

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