If you want the easiest thousand gamerscore then prepare for a lot of reading pick up Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition!

Three Fourths Home is the easiest 1000 gamerscore you can get

If you want the easiest thousand gamerscore then prepare for a lot of reading pick up Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition!

Last week I took a look at arguably the most difficult game completion ever, i.e. the hardest game to achieve 1000/1000 gamerscore. 

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Elite: Dangerous took that title but today we are going to the other end of the spectrum to take a look at the easiest game of 2015 to 100%.

Before I played this game I believed things couldn’t get any easier than Pneuma: Breath of Life however, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Three Fourths is not really a game. It is an interactive visual novel in which you make dialogue choices for your character Kelly who is having an emotional conversation with her family. Whilst doing this you must hold down the right trigger for an hour which drives Kelly’s car, progressing the story in the process. The choices you make have no bearing on the outcome of the game so if anything it is more an exercise of finger strength than anything else.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t hate the ‘game’. The story is fine and the visuals and sound design are actually pretty cool but that’s about as good as it gets. I would not recommend anyone to buy it unless they are interested in boosting their gamerscore.

This isn’t a review however, so I will spare you the full analysis. What I assume you’re interested in is the incredibly simple 1000 gamerscore on offer for the small price of £4 ($5). 

The achievements of the game are ridiculously simple and straightforward. All you must do is complete the main story once, complete the epilogue three times, to get the three different endings, and then complete a few miscellaneous tasks. These are:

By Benji – Read all of Ben’s stories – you can just skip to the end of each one.

70 out of 100 – Look through Kelly’s photography final – again you can quickly scroll through every picture.

Three Times Around – Took a walk – simply walk for the entire time during playthroughs of the short epilogue until the achievement notification pops up.

20 Miles Out – Drive for 20 miles – you will complete 75% of this during your playthrough of the main story. All you will need to do is complete about half of it for a second time and the achievement will unlock.

On the Radio – Listen to all of the songs on the radio – just press ‘play all’ and go do something else for an hour. Come back and the achievement will be complete.

Home – Had one last chat – This will unlock at the end of the epilogue after completing all other achievements in the game (note you do not need to have finished 20 Miles Out).

As you can see, achievements really don’t get any easier than this and frankly the biggest struggle you will have is staying awake due to tired eyes from all that reading. In 2-3 hours you will have added the easiest 1000 gamerscore of 2015 to your total. 

For the full achievements list click here.

Have you played this game? What did you think of it? What would get your vote as the easiest game of 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

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