Top 3 Companion Quests in Dragon Age Inquisition

I list my top 3 companion quests in Dragon Age: Inquistion and why I love them.

I list my top 3 companion quests in Dragon Age: Inquistion and why I love them.

I loved Dragon Age: Inquisition. It looked nice, the gameplay was fun, and the story was engaging. But a big issue with the game was it was filled to the brim with content. While that may not seem like a problem, it was common for players to stay in the first area for hours just trying to complete all of the side-quests. Many of the quests end up being fetch-quests which send you across the expansive map and back again—and are tedious.

Still, some of the quests were super fun, and some of the best were the companion quests. All of the characters were deep and complicated, which is one of the best parts of the Dragon Age series. The companion quest gave insight into their lives and development that you couldn’t get from just doing the main story quests. Here are three of my favorite companion quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

1. Well, Shit

Varric is easily my favorite companion in any of the Dragon Age games. He’s charismatic businessman who’s always there to give a joke or two. If you ask him about himself or any of this adventures, he’ll spin you a fantastic story for the ages, but the one story he won’t tell is why his crossbow is named Bianca. In Well, Shit, you finally get your answer.

Bianca is a female dwarf who is a part of the Merchant’s Guild. She and Varric had a relationship in the past but now cannot be on the same continent as each other due to an incident they caused. They still write letters to each other, though, and now she’s here asking for the Inquisition’s help clearing out darkspawn from a vein of red lyrium.

This quest tells you more about Varric’s past and lets you how he interacts with Bianca. She clearly cares about him as well, even though they can’t be together. It’s nice to see a softer side of this lovable dwarf.

2. Subjected to His Will

Subjected to His Will is Cole’s companion quest and lets you shape his character while scoring some approval/disapproval points from Solas and Varric.

After you learn that spirits can be controlled and corrupted into demons, Cole fears that Corypheus might try to control him. Solas tells you of an amulet that can protect spirits from this type of manipulation. One War Table operation later, you give the amulet to him, but it doesn’t work. Varric proposes it’s because Cole is more spirit than human, but Solas thinks Cole needs to confront something that tethers him to this world.

This quest is great because it allows you to not only learn about a character’s backstory but also shape who this character will be as the story progresses. Will Cole deal with his feelings and just let them hurt, or will he forgive, fulfilling his spiritual purpose as a spirit of compassion? This choice changes his character for the rest of the game and how he interacts with others in banter, sometimes revealing more about other characters in the process.

3. The Verchiel March

The Verchiel March is one of Sera’s companion quests and, like the other two gives a more in-depth look at her character. Although, it reveals less of her backstory than her last quest. This quest reveals more about the world of Thedas than anything.

Sera asks you to lead a march through a town, just to scare the nobility. She received a tip from someone outside of the Red Jenny circle that two nobles’ land squabbles were causing common folk to injured. If you agree, you have Cullen lead a march through the middle of the town, and Sera asks you to go pick up her reward with her. When you arrive, however, the contact is killed, and you are ambushed. After defeating the enemies, a nobleman by the name of Lord Pel Hammond will offer you a truce. You can either accept his offer and let Sera “handle” him in a pretty funny cut-scene.

Through this quest, you learn why Sera sees the Friends of Red Jenny as a necessity because of the corruption among the nobility. You also learn that the nobility in Thedas will literally kill their servants to get their way, which little to no remorse. It’s an excellent way of worldbuilding and allows for players to be involved in the process.

There are literally tons of side quests and companion quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition and some of them are more rewarding than the main story at times. They help flesh out the game and make the level grind much more enjoyable. Did you have any favorite companion quests I missed? Comment what they are and why you loved them!

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