Top 5 Saddest Pokedex Entries

I countdown the saddest Pokedex entries I've found so far.

If you’ve been playing Pokemon for while, you’re probably no stranger to Pokedex entries. They give players more information about the lure of the world and how Pokemon interact with it. Pokedex entries are a great way of worldbuilding in the Pokemon games, but they can get really sad, really fast. Here is a list of the top 5 saddest Pokedex entries.


“A host-parasite pair in which the parasite mushroom has taken over the host bug. Prefers damp places.” – Pokemon Red/Blue

“When nothing's left to extract from the bug, the mushrooms on its back leave spores on the bug's egg.” – Pokemon Crystal

Parasect, the evolved form of Paras, has a dead look in its eyes. That’s because it’s actually dead. In almost all of Parasect’s Pokedex entries the game mentions it scattering spores around the forest. This is normal since it has a huge mushroom on its back, but in Pokemon Red and Blue, and later in Crystal, the entries allude to the mushroom being a parasite that has completely taken over the host bug.


“Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry.” – Pokemon Black

Yamask is a cute little Ghost-type, that carries around its own face. Not only is this entry sad because Yamask cries over its face and the memories it holds, but it also reminds us that Ghost-type Pokemon used to be alive and they’re stuck fighting for their trainers while dealing with their own confusing existence.


“Spoinkbounces around on its tail. The shock of its bouncing makes its heart pump. As a result, this Pokémon cannot afford to stop bouncing - if it stops, its heart will stop.” – Pokemon Ruby

Spoink is another cute Pokemon with a sad Pokedex entry. While the Pokemon Sapphire entry is a lot more tame, commenting on Spoink’s quest to find a bigger pearl, the Pokemon Ruby entry tells us that if it stops bouncing, this cute little pig will die. It almost makes you forget its evolved form Grumpig uses its psychic powers to control its foe's minds.


“An abandoned plush doll became this Pokémon. They are said to live in garbage dumps and wander about in search of the children that threw them away.” – Pokemon Emerald

“A cursed energy permeated the stuffing of a discarded and forgotten plush doll, giving it new life as Banette. The Pokémon's energy would escape if it were to ever open its mouth.” – Pokemon Sapphire

How many toys do you remember throwing away as a kid? Because some of them probably remember you throwing them away. Banette’s Pokedex entry is pretty sad, especially when coupled with the fact that you can find this Pokemon in garbage cans in the game and it’s mentioned in some entries that if it opens its mouth, it’s energy will escape, effectively killing it. But, there’s a different twist to this Pokemon’s entry because it seeks revenge on the children that threw it away.


“Wears the skull of its deceased mother. Its cries echo inside the skull and come out as a sad melody.” – Pokemon Yellow

“It pines for the mother it will never see again. Seeing a likeness of its mother in the full moon, it cries. The stains on the skull it wears are from its tears.” – Pokemon Emerald

You’ll be hard pressed to find a first generation Pokemon fan that doesn’t know about Cubone’s backstory. Aptly called the Lonely Pokemon, Cubone is known for wearing its dead mother’s skull to hide its face and staining it with its tears. Its mother died when it was young and it howls at the moon at night because it misses her. According to Bulbapedia, its original name in the Pokemon Red and Blue beta was going to be Ophon, a play on the word orphan.

If you look for them, you can find some pretty interesting Pokedex entries. Some are sad, some are happy, and some are just straight up disturbing. Go look for more Pokedex entries for yourself because they’re tons out there to enjoy!