Top 5 Supports for Smite Season 3

You are stuck with support. Who to choose now?

Welcome to my top 5 supports in Smite for Season 3.  Before we get into my top 5, I want to first start off by saying the best support is whatever one you are comfortable with. If Geb (who is currently popular) is not in your comfort zone, but Ymir is...then grab Ymir. Too many times in my ranked games, I see people picking what they're told is the best god rather than what they would have chosen.

Comfort trumps all -- especially if you are forced into the role of support when you main something else.  I am one of the few crazy people out there who main support. So let's get into it. This is my top 5 list for the role, but remember that it does not necessarily have to be yours.


Athena takes my top spot over the likes of Khepri.  In Season 3, CC is king of the game right now.  Athena being able to taunt every 11 seconds with full cooldown reduction makes her the queen of supports.

Athena is doing her best work when she is taunting gods constantly and getting them to burn beads. Her ultimate -- being able to globally port to any ally on the map -- is what really separates her from the pack.  Athena can essentially out-rotate any other support, as well as engage in a fight and soak up damage. She can Retreat (recall) and then use her ultimate to get right back in at full health, making it seem like a 6v5 at times.


Khepri comes in second, but with an * by his name.  Currently, many people list him as the top support, but I tend to disagree. I believe Khepri leans on team comp more than Athena. Khepri does not have an initiation for end-game team fights.  His 1-man pull is not enough to engage 5 members wit,h and is better suited for picking off 1 person.

Many times I see Khepri picked, and the solo laner goes for something squishy like a Loki. Khepri needs another frontliner, or at least initiator on the team, like a Hun Batz.  In the right team, Khepri is a force that will give the other team headaches.

My other gripe with Khepri is that he's often misused in my opinion. His Rising Dawn ability is stronger than his ult in a sense, if used correctly. At max level, Rising Dawn will give all allies it hits a 30% damage reduction buff for 3s. In a team fight, that is the difference between winning or losing. Many Khepri players use his Rising Dawn to attack instead of to protect. Use his abilities wisely, and Khepri is a force.

With that said, is there a more satisfying feeling than getting an ultimate off on an ally at the last second and just picturing how angry the enemy team is that they wasted 4 ultimates for nothing?


Geb rolls in at #3 on the list. Geb is the standard "you can't go wrong support".  He brings everything to the table and does it all well.  

Unlike the top 2 gods, Geb is a support that I must get Blink on -- even with the nerf to the cooldown.  Geb uses his ultimate to initiate most of the time, and being able to blink in and use it is critical to his success.  A good enemy team will notice you rolling towards them to ult, and they'll just spread out. So Blink is necessary.

What makes Geb so useful is his amazing stone shield.  With CC being the king of the game and his Stone Shield cleansing all CC, on your ally it can turn a bad situation into a life saver. Also, being able to soak up 250+20 per Geb's level of health is pretty awesome. He is fairly mobile with Rollout, and his shockwave can be sneaky good as far as damage output.

Geb's passive is also one of the stronger passives, allowing you to only be crit for 25% damage rather than the normal 100%. Geb can easily be picked in most situations, and you won't see any complaints from your team.


Many will disagree with this, and that is fine. Argue with me in the comments and let me know why.  

In Season 3 of Smite, you have many gods in the meta that have dashes or jumps -- Chiron, Vamana, Neith, Hou Yi, and many more.  Combine that with the nerf to beads, and Ares is a force in Conquest. His ult will burn beads every time, and his Shackles will have the enemy gods going mad if you can hit them properly.  Each shackle lasts 4 seconds, so don't go crazy and fire each one off right after the other. Wait that 3 seconds before firing the second shot, and another 3 before firing the 3rd. Make sure to maximize that cripple time and set your team up for kills, or just take them yourself.  

Ares is a support you have to be willing to go on the offensive with, and another one with whom Blink is a must.  


This was the hardest one for me to pick. I have Sobek, Bacchus, and Kumbhakarna in the same general area.  I even considered Odin here, because I have Odin so strong in this meta right now and have chosen him over Sobek numerous times to great success.  

In the end I settled on Sobek due to a few things. His 50% anti-heal on his Sickening Strike is underrated, and very useful in team fights -- even if he's only slowing down the heals of a Neith, Chiron, Tyr, or others with self-heals.  I love picking Sobek against a Kali, because Sobek has great peel with his pluck and knock up.  

In the end game, I can really give the assassins a tough time by constantly plucking them away when they dive my backline.  While he has a pluck that's a 1 person initiation, he also has his ultimate, which is a great initiation as well.  At max level, it is a 40% slow -- and if you really want to piss the enemy team off, get Gem of Isolation for another 25% slow.  His passive allows him to take even more damage while dishing it out.  

Sobek is a support like Ares you have to be willing to put on the offensive. He can dish out the damage and take it just as well.

That does it for my Top 5 Support picks. Let me know what you think below. Who did I miss, in your opinion?

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