What Does EA’s DLC Decision for Mass Effect Andromeda Really Mean?

Will EA's decision affect the future of gaming?

Will EA's decision affect the future of gaming?

If you’re a fan of the Mass Effect series as a whole, then you’ve undoubtedly heard about the fake Andromeda DLC cancellation that an unheard of game development company posted on Facebook–a post that has long since been taken down. Both EA and BioWare have denied the post, stating they’ve never heard of the company before, let alone worked with them for DLC. However, a recent report states that Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t get any single-player DLC.

The news isn’t all that surprising considering the complaints from fans over things like wonky animations, dull character development, and limited control over squadmates. Will EA’s decision to cut support to a poorly received game in a popular franchise set a standard for the industry?

I doubt it. EA and BioWare made a business decision to stop funneling resources into a game that had a less than spectacular launch. Any funds set aside for DLC can now be used on one of their other games in development, or a new project entirely– Jade Empire 2 anyone? (A girl can hope!)

Personally, I hope they rethink their decision to do some sort of single-player DLC. If done well, it could possibly save the game, similarly to Mass Effect 3. After the ending of the game left more than a few angry, myself included, the DLC content managed to fix many of the game’s issues.  Leviathan, Omega, and the Citadel were all quality work that made the game even more enjoyable, and that’s not even including the free DLC released to “fix” the ending–a whole other can of worms for another article.

Regardless of whether or not EA and BioWare stick with their decision on single-player DLC, it’s still a business decision at the end of the day. Both companies are looking to make a profit, not lose one, and whatever they decide is sure to have some thought put behind it.

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