Overwatch is looking to be one of the most popular shooters of 2016.

What to expect from Overwatch based on the beta

Overwatch is looking to be one of the most popular shooters of 2016.
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Only being released for the beta a few days ago, Overwatch is already slated to become a new hit title for Blizzard. The company is looking to make its FPS a success, and if the beta is any indication of this, it’s definitely on the right track. 

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First things first, Overwatch looks like a game that can cater to an audience with varying skill levels. The tutorial teaches newcomers everything they need to know to start playing and improve as they play. Additionally, more experienced players will enjoy learning all the skills that each different character and class offer. This means that players will always find a new way to challenge themselves 

The selling point of the game is the variety that each character offers. Every character in the game offers a unique skill set and 4 different ways to build them according to your team composition. With so many possibilities, each game will most likely be different from the one you previously played. Overwatch aims to be refreshing and new every time you load up for a game. 

The gameplay itself is exactly what we have come to expect from Blizzard. It’s fun, exciting, and new. Players will have to work hard for their kills and understand each character in order to gain the upper hand. When Overwatch officially launches, a whole new competitive environment will be born, similar to the astounding popularity of Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

The beta for Overwatch is ongoing and extremely limited. If you’re looking to early access to this highly anticipated game, stay on the lookout for any upcoming Blizzard announcements.  

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