What We Want From Call of Duty 2016

This year's Call of Duty is a mystery, but here is what we want from the game this time around.

This year's Call of Duty is a mystery, but here is what we want from the game this time around.

Call of Duty 2016 is already on the way, and is probably near completion in terms of development. We already know that developer Infinity Ward will handle this year’s release, as Activision previously announced Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer would cycle amongst a three-year development period for new installments.

This game will be the seventh release from Infinity Ward in the Call of Duty franchise, and we’re hoping to see some very specific details within the game. We’re looking for some favored settings, great weapons, and flawless multiplayer.

Here is what we want:

World War II

The original Call of Duty games – all set in World War II – were some of the very best in the franchise. We spent time fighting along the beaches of Normandy, the city streets of Stalingrad, and the jungles of Makin Island.

We truly want to hoist an M1 Garand in our hands and race into battle once more. We want to storm a building in the middle of a snowstorm with MP-40s firing from the windows. And we want to drive a tank through the deserts once again. 

This time around, though, the studio has far more resources at their disposal. With how much technology and video games have advanced, Infinity Ward has the opportunity to make the most intense and beautiful World War II game of all time.

Time Travel

Heck, if we can’t have World War II, how about a futuristic soldier who can travel through time to major conflicts and lend a hand? The opportunities would be near endless — we could fight during World War I, II, Vietnam, the Korean Conflict, and Desert Storm. We could go into the future, too, which we know Activision is currently in love with.

Some people will find the premise a tad cheesy, but just imagine all the possibility there. It could be the biggest Call of Duty game of all time. 

Of course, with this particular scenario, a lot of role-playing elements could be introduced as well. You could upgrade your agent to ensure he survives in other wars easier, or just to give him an advantage against the other soldiers on the field.

More Player Customization

Sure, we can already customize our weapons, reticules, and camouflage a bit. But we still have to select a character that everyone else has access to. Give us a character customization option and let us make our multiplayer experience truly our own. 

Give us some Army of Two-style masks, more weapon options with more customizable attachments. Let us make our own soldiers and battle them online.

We want people to know who killed them the last round without having to check the leaderboard or previous messages. We want to stand out in the arena.

Bigger Maps

The multiplayer maps in Call of Duty have been getting progressively bigger with each annual release, but they are still tiny arenas compared to other major first-person shooters, like Battlefield.

Infinity Ward has the chance to capitalize on that market by introducing larger maps to the game. In order to have a bigger game world, though, the player count will need to be tweaked slightly. 12 players is great, but perhaps a slight bump to 16 could make a nice, large map feel a bit less like a barren wasteland.

Custom Servers

Bring back the opportunity for us, the players, to customize a game mode, map rotation, admin permissions, allowed weapons, and more with our own player-run servers. We truly don’t mind shelling out $15 or more every single month to run our own safe haven in a multiplayer shooter.

We’re incredibly tired of having to wait for a matchmaking process to complete, only to have our session disconnected. It is beyond frustrating, Activision!

We all know Call of Duty is going to release around November of this year, but we don’t know what the game entails quite yet. Activision has not yet made an official announcement.

What would you like to see in this year’s release? Let me know down in the comments.

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