Previous and current gen versions of this futuristic shooter have even more differences than you might expect!

Which platform and edition should you choose for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3?

Previous and current gen versions of this futuristic shooter have even more differences than you might expect!
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Moving further into a future timeline, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 takes place in a dark 2065 where things haven’t gone so well for society, but on the upside super soldiers now have implants and special abilities to make them more efficient killers.

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Going with an even more futuristic setting than the previous Kevin Spacey-focused Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 features a slew of different “cybercore” abilities. These sci-fi themed powers look like they will add a very interesting twist to the typical run-and-gun action; going more of a Crysis route with different electrical and robotic abilities instead of just simply pointing and firing your LMG. Further distancing itself from the earlier roots of the series, Black Ops 3 will also take place in a solid three dimensions, with revamped movement so you can slide, thrust, and mantle your way up and around the environment.

The release is now less than a week away, set for November 6th, so for those who haven’t pre-ordered already the question remains: what edition or platform should you go with?

Standard, Deluxe, Hardened, or Juggernog?

Besides the standard vanilla version, there’s of course the digital deluxe edition, including bonus weapon customizations and the season pass for access to all DLC when it arrives. That handy bundle will set you back $99 if you want everything coming down the pipe.

If you aren’t interested in all the DLC bundled together and would prefer physical add-ons, the hardened edition for $79.99 comes in a steel case and features limited edition art cards, as well as a digital download of the game’s soundtrack.

For the serious Black Ops fanatic who has always wanted their very own perk-a-cola machine, there’s the absurd $199.99 Juggernog edition. Much like with the Star Wars Battlefront crazy pre-order option, this one comes with a mini-fridge to keep your Code Red nice and cold until you’re ready to play. This one’s actually a more solid fridge option than Battlefront‘s, holding 12 cans instead of 6 and looking less like a standard mini-fridge with a sticker on the front.

Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition Mini FridgeThe Juggernog Edition

Should I buy Black Ops 3 for the Xbox 360 or PS3?

For quite some time during development it seemed like the title wouldn’t even be coming to previous gen consoles, with Treyarch insisting development was only taking place on current gen systems. Thankfully, Beenox and Mercenary Technology were eventually tapped to work on the game for the Xbox 360 and PS3. On the plus side, previous gen gamers get the latest Black Ops title 10 bucks cheaper, at $49.99 instead of $59.99. That’s where the pluses end, though.

The main story mode looks to be an intriguing experience, with Treyach studio design director David Vonderhaar describing it as “a very deep, very dark, and sometimes really twisted narrative experience” and stating “there is some really screwed up mind-f***ery going to happen to you when you play the game.”

Unfortunately last gen gamers aren’t going to get to experience any of that mind blowing story insanity, as the single player campaign is entirely culled from the Black Ops 3 experience on the 360 and PS3. Yep, you only get to play the various multiplayer modes. Take a look at what you’re missing with the story trailer below.

Not only are you left out of the single player experience, but it was just revealed that the previous gen versions will only run at 30 fps, rather than the standard 60 fps the series is known for: a necessary concession to make the game still look acceptable and have key features intact.

Should I buy Black Ops 3 for the Xbox One, PS4, or PC?

Obviously the game is more expensive on the latest consoles, costing the full $59.99 for the standard version, but that’s where the downsides end. (Price probably wasn’t even on your radar if you were considering the deluxe, hardened, or juggernog editions, anyway).

Unlike the stripped down last generation versions, you’ll get the full single player experience on PC or newer consoles — which is shaping up to be a pretty wild ride. Besides the obvious visual advantage of more upscale hardware, there’s also the higher framerate to consider on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC editions, which won’t be stuck at 30 fps.

While the PC and console editions are looking fairly close to one another this time around, Activision did throw a curveball to consider for those who are going to devour upcoming DLC: a new deal was struck with Sony, so downloadable content is coming to the PS4 first as a timed exclusive.

Bottom Line

Lacking a huge portion of the game might seem like a downside at first, but if you don’t care for canned single player missions and just want to gun down your friends in online matches, then go ahead and save yourself the $10 and go with the last gen version.

For those expecting a better graphical experience or who need to dive into the storyline and experience all those awesome cybercore abilities, then next gen is easily the way to go. While the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 editions don’t have any major differences between them, if you absolutely have to have everything new the day it arrives, then the PS4 is the way to go here.

While making your decision on where you’ll buy Black Ops 3 and waiting these last few days for the game to drop, don’t forget to join in on our speculation on what the 2016 Infinity Ward Call Of Duty game will be!

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