Why Overwatch Needs to Be Made Into a Movie

The video game industry has tried over and over again to break into the movie industry with minimal success. Overwatch could be the first real success for video game movies

The video game industry has tried over and over again to break into the movie industry with minimal success. Overwatch could be the first real success for video game movies

Hollywood has not been kind to the video game industry. Movies that are made with video games in mind have almost always been a unanimous flop. Go down the list and there is bad movie after bad movie. From Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft, to the notorious Super Mario Bros film in the early 90’s, it just seems like video games and movies don’t mesh well.

Just because you get knocked down, doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. The video game industry will keep searching for that hit movie. Whether it is the impending Uncharted film or the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, video games will always be trying to leak into the movie realm. Hell, there’s even a Division movie coming that will supposedly star Jake Gyllenhaal (who apparently did not learn his lesson from the amazingly bad Prince of Persia film). While it seems like a swell idea to bring in big name stars to bring in the box office, what will really bring people to the theater is the video game at hand.

It may seem difficult to fathom a video game being turned into a successful film but it really isn’t. Some games have incredible storylines that sometimes outshine even the greatest of movies and television shows. So what game would make for the best possible choice to be turned into Hollywood gold? Well, that game has already dabbled in animated shorts. That game already has talented voice actors and actresses to go along with some larger than life personalities, or should I say heroes? The game that needs to be made into a movie is indeed Overwatch.

They’re already teasing us with shorts

Blizzard is very good at creating. Period. They create what the people want and what the people want, is compelling content. Blizzard is the king of compelling content. What makes Overwatch so darn irresistible is the story behind the large roster of heroes. Overwatch presents these stories with their very own animated shorts. For anyone who hasn’t seen the shorts and wants to understand the potential of an Overwatch film should do so ASAP.

With how well done the shorts are, it would honestly be a shock if Blizzard hasn’t at the very least contemplated making a full length motion picture. They may print their own money and are able to do whatever they please, but this movie has too much potential to not be given some thought.

The cast is already set

No other game in the history of gaming has amassed a roster as interesting as the heroes of Overwatch. Each hero has an interesting story behind them and it would be a shame to not explore their origins. The animated shorts that have focused on Tracer, Sombra and Bastion among others each show how much personality each hero possesses. People would like to see more of these personalities because it is refreshing in an era of gaming that sort of lacks iconic characters. Overwatch has created a roster full of characters that deserve to be fleshed out in movie form.

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On top of all of that, you don’t even have to cram it all into one movie. That’s right, Overwatch can be a long running franchise as long as characters continue to be added to the game. The roster currently stands at 24 heroes, all equipped with unique abilities and a backstory. By following the lead of the animated shorts, a movie could really help the fan base connect even more with these characters.

It’s also worth noting that this movie would turn the voice actors into even bigger stars plus Blizzard wouldn’t have to shell out big money for high priced actors or deal with complicated casting calls. The roster is already set up for not only an Overwatch movie, but also an Overwatch franchise.

The animated shorts deserve a full length movie

Here is where Blizzard will need to tread very carefully. If Overwatch is to not only be made into a movie, but a successful movie, then it needs to follow the formula of the animated shorts. I’m not saying make it a live action or change anything about the animation. I am literally saying follow exactly what you have been doing with your animated short films. These are perfect when it comes to storytelling and they are very easy to follow. Blizzard really does a great job of interpreting the story without doing too much. They were able to make people feel bad for a robot that wields a turret of death without that same robot even saying a word.

Blizzard knows what they’re doing when it comes to the short films; they just need to come up with the right story to kick off the Overwatch cinematic universe. They need their version of Batman Begins and Iron Man. By that, I don’t mean a film focusing solely on a single hero (although a Tracer/Soldier 76 solo film would rock). I mean they need the movie that starts it all off on the right foot. We need an Overwatch film that fans can be proud of, not hide from. The right idea is to follow the formula of the animated shorts.

If Blizzard wants to add to their money collection, this is a great opportunity

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Blizzard is already arguably the greatest video game developer of all time. They have countless hits and are showing no signs of slowing down. If they want to truly put an end to the argument as to who is the greatest developer, they should start a multi-million dollar Overwatch movie franchise and show the video game industry how to truly blur the lines between hit video game and box office success. 

Blizzard can make it happen at the snap of a finger. They are playing with house money and are sitting on a gold mine. A true case of the rich getting richer and it almost seems unfair but totally deserving. They know what they have in Overwatch and they know how much bigger it can get. It all depends on whether or not they would like more money and universal acclaim.

To close this all out, I would like to point out that fans of Overwatch very rarely ever make a peep about the game not having a campaign or story mode. It may be because the multiplayer is so gosh darn addicting and that the need for a campaign is not necessary, but I think it is because of another reason. I think it’s because all who play Overwatch know that the real story shouldn’t be told on TV screen or a monitor. The real story should be showed in a theater with the world watching.

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