Don't waste money on season passes! Get the complete version of your favorite games instead! Go ahead: You can thank us in advance.

Why Season Passes Are Nothing But a Cash Grab!

Don't waste money on season passes! Get the complete version of your favorite games instead! Go ahead: You can thank us in advance.
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Do you remember when video games came out as the whole package and didn’t require you to waste money on expansions for you to fully experience the game? Good times, right?! 

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Unfortunately, we are in the age of video games where developers try to shove DLCs and season passes down our throats, expecting us to spend hundreds of dollars in return. DLCs are one thing because they actually do expand our engagement with the game. As for Season Passes? They are nothing but a scam and cash grab! Let’s talk about why.

Season pass for Infinite Warfare. What a scam…

Living Dangerously

When you buy a season pass for a game, you are making an automatic commitment! In other words, now that you have the pass, you must get all the DLCs the pass covers to get our money’s worth. However, you have no idea what the DLCs will be!

You don’t know whether they are going to be excellent, or if they’re going to be terrible garbage. You are basically gambling — a.k.a. living dangerously! And what if the DLCs suck? You’ll obviously be disappointed and probably wish you did not waste your money on that awful season pass to begin with, making you all the more leery of them for future games. 

I know what you are thinking: Oh, but I saved like $10 for getting the season pass, right? Wrong! By not getting the season pass, you have a choice between which DLCs to get and which to avoid.

When DLCs come out, you can review the footage through other players’ gameplay videos, read reviews, etc., and act accordingly. If you like it, spend the money on that DLC. If not, then don’t get it! Like I said before, with passes, you are making a commitment and have no choice but to suffer through all the DLCs, even the bad ones!

Nothing But a Ripoff!

Fallout 4 season pass. Not only was the price increase a total ripoff, but most of the DLCs were barely considered DLCs in the first place!

This Reddit thread discusses the disappointment that Fallout 4’s season pass is. And there is good reason to think that! The season pass was originally $30, but the price was later increased to $50. And what did players get? Two pieces of actual DLC — the rest weren’t even DLCs! They barely expanded the game. And yes, I’m talking about the Vault-Tec “DLC,” and those terrible settlement ones as well. 

I’ll be honest. I fell for the trap…I bought the season pass before the price increase. And even now I feel ripped off and cheated because I didn’t get my money’s worth. Currently, “Far Harbor” is priced for $29.99 and “Nuka-World” is priced for $19.99 on the PSN store. If I didn’t get that scam-of-a-season pass, then I would just get the two major DLCs separately, and avoid all the other ones because they aren’t worth it. 

Be Patient!

Witcher 3: The Complete Edition. Better than getting the season pass

One thing game developers do right is that they eventually release either the bundled version, GOTY version or the complete edition of the game. And THAT is a much better alternative to ANY season pass! Why? For obvious reasons:

  • YOU SAVE MONEY. I cannot stress this enough. With the complete edition of ANY game, you get everything! The base game PLUS (usually) all the DLCs. Sometimes at a lower price than the season pass itself! 

Just this past summer, I bought the complete edition of Witcher 3. Best decision I have made. Not only am I enjoying the game itself, but I have yet to play the two expansions. Oh, and it cost me $50! Now, if I got the base game ($60) and the season pass ($25), I would spend a total of $85. However, I waited and got the whole thing for $50! 

Bundling It All Together


Be the smart person that you really are and don’t be fooled by false promises, scams and the total ripoffs that are called season passes. Wait for the complete version and buy that instead at a reduced price!

Or if you are an impatient type, get the game and the DLCs that you like — separately. Unless you like all of them, in which case…still get the complete edition when it comes out!

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