Super Mario Bros. turns 30 today, bringing back fond memories for myself on this special Nintendo day.

Why Super Mario Bro’s 30th Birthday is special for me; memories and chivalry

Super Mario Bros. turns 30 today, bringing back fond memories for myself on this special Nintendo day.

On that fateful day 30 years ago, September 13th 1985, Nintendo released a game that would become a phenomenon for decades to come, called Super Mario Bros..

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Though Super Mario Bros. was before my time, I grew up playing it along with the Mario games that came along in the following years; helping to shape my love of gaming and fondness of chivalry.Shaping a generation of gamers including myself

When many gamers look back to their first encounter with video games, they might remember the original Legend of Zelda or Kirby’s Dream Land, but my most memorable moment is Super Mario Bros., where an Italian plumber takes on a magical adventure to save his precious princess, Peach. When looking back to one of my first Mario games, I can distinctly remember Super Mario Bros., and how it developed my love of chivalry, as a plumber overcomes the obstacles that Bowser puts in the way to save the princess. 

From the SNES to the Wii U, Nintendo has stuck true with their legacy of Mario games; leading to the recent release of Super Mario Maker which I’m highly anticipating. Through the past few decades I’ve enjoyed numerous Mario games including Super Princess Peach, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario 64, all with the same plot in saving a character in dire need – which I find classic and beautiful.
Chivalry in video games

The idea of saving the princess from an evil force is a theme with Nintendo, and has imprinted the thought of chivalry in all shapes and forms to many gamers, including myself from their iconic Super Mario Bros.. When watching a plump Italian plumber jump through hoops and pipes to save his darling princess from the evil Koopa Bowser who has taken her for his own, not only did I get enthralled with the story, but inspired to take a stance of my own and stand up for what’s right in a world filled with Bowsers. Nintendo took it upon themselves to develop games that could speak to their fan base, and created the influential Super Mario Bros., that shaped a generation of players and developers, especially myself. I will always be thankful for how much thought Nintendo has put into their games; thinking about their audience without talking down to children. 

Happy 30th birthday Super Mario Bros.!

Do you have any fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros.? Did Super Mario Bros. influence your fondness of gaming? Share your thoughts below on the 30th birthday of the iconic Nintendo game. 

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