Wii U's fall lineup needs another game. Why not Twilight Princess?

Why the Wii U needs an HD remake of Twilight Princess this fall

Wii U's fall lineup needs another game. Why not Twilight Princess?

Right now my Wii U is collecting dust. It sits on my desk, relatively untouched. Super Mario Maker brought life to the system for a little while, but fall is coming.

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Fall is the time when Fallout 4, Halo 5: Guardians, Star Wars Battlefront, and several other AAA titles will release. With these incredible titles coming to PS4 and Xbox One, I can’t help but be disappointed by the Wii U’s offerings this fall.

Yoshi’s Woolly World and Xenoblade Chronicles X seem like fine games, but they don’t grab my attention. Additionally, many Nintendo fans have been left wishing The Legend of Zelda for Wii U was out. 

I understand the need to delay the game, and I would rather get a phenomenal game next year than a good game this year. But I still need some Zelda in my life. I need something to play on Wii U and I would not mind replaying Twilight Princess.

I feel that the Wii U did wonders for Wind Waker in the HD remake. Having your inventory and items available on the Wii U GamePad while the game ran on your TV was awesome. I think it would be a good thing to add Twilight Princess to the Wii U lineup this fall. People who didn’t get to play it would get their chance, plus it would give the option for people to play without the Wii motion control, unless you want to buy an expensive GameCube copy of the game.

Twilight Princess has a phenomenal art style, and would be absolutely beautiful in HD. Wind Waker’s cartoon style was certainly aided by an HD remake, but imagine what a big difference an HD remake would offer to a more realistic looking Zelda game like Twilight Princess.

You might feel differently, but the only Wii U game coming out in the remainder of this year that appeals to me is Xenoblade Chronicles X. I want to play my Wii U, but Nintendo needs to offer me more first-party games. I feel that a Twilight Princess HD remake would be a welcomed addition to the console’s library.

That being said, I actually would not be surprised if a Twilight Princess remake came out next year, since next year is the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda being released.

No matter what happens, Nintendo needs to find a way to get me interested in their fall lineup, because right now it looks like I will be playing other games on other consoles.

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