Will Friday the 13th: The Game become the next Evolve?!

Will Friday the 13th become an Evolve clone? With these passionate developers, I don't think so!

Will Friday the 13th become an Evolve clone? With these passionate developers, I don't think so!
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As many of you already know, Friday the 13th: The Game will be releasing around October 2016. From what people are saying, this game is supposed to be downright amazing, but I am somewhat skeptical, if hopeful. 

After 25 years the gaming scene is going to see another installment from Friday the 13th and people are understandably excited. But when Evolve was announced, the majority of gamers were completely surprised and overall excited for the game because of it’s concept, and rightfully so. Evolve had an amazing concept but overall fell flat. The question is “why”?

I feel that one of the main reasons why Evolve ended up getting bad reviews and was unable to meet expectations is due to two things. The first is the Season Pass and how underwhelming it was for $25. The whole Season Pass consisted of skins and characters that never really impacted the gameplay. The public was in an uproar.

The second reason was that the game is really unbalanced. Whoever plays as the monster, wins the game. It’s just that plain and simple. The Hunters do nothing to the Monster as it just destroys everything and kills everyone in sight. This caused the game to be very underwhelming and disappointing, to say the least.

Gun Media has addressed this issue in their Kickstarter page, saying “We’re giving players the control to create those scenarios. That’s a lot of balancing…” And that is where I think the game has potential to not become an Evolve clone. 

The developers are really passionate about creating a game that the people want. They knew how tough this game was going to be going in to the project, and they are determined to create a proper Friday the 13th game. I feel that the biggest advantage that they have over Evolve is that they went to Kickstarter instead of going to a publisher. This way they have plenty of time to work on the game and if there is going to be a delay or something is not quite right, they can explain the situation on the Kickstarter and work until the game is an absolute masterpiece.

Go and support Gun Media on their Kickstarter page here! Do you think Friday the 13th: The Game will become an Evolve clone? Comment and tell me what you think! 


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