EA's future resting on Star Wars Battlefront's success?

Will Star Wars Battlefront rescue EA, or have they doomed themselves?

EA's future resting on Star Wars Battlefront's success?

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront beta brought in over 9 million players, single-handedly making it EA’s biggest beta ever. When release day comes, now set for November 17th of this year, will those beta players translate into sales and success for the game? 

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The Forums Speak for All

On social media, forums, and various other websites, players have expressed mixed emotions about their hopes for a successful launch of this highly anticipated game. Many are calling for a “taking back their money” movement, where they will essentially cancel their pre-orders of the game in an effort to force EA to make changes they want to see. Two forum posters had this to say:

“All cancel those pre orders! The only way to motivate change… take their moneys.”

“Yah, I was thinking the same thing. The respawns need to be fixed and the guns need to have a better variation in range. It feels like I can be shot with any gun from across the map. I dont know I have mixed feelings about keeping my preorder.”

They have to build a relationship with gamers…

For EA, building their relationship with gamers is a high priority, especially because they’ve been in hot water with fans for a while now. If they can’t repair the damage, I see EA going away really soon. With a slew of unsuccessful launches for highly anticipated AAA games such as Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and others whose storylines caused major controversy (like Mass Effect 3), EA is in desperate need of an uptick for the next couple of years. Of course they always have games like The Sims to fall back on, but if they continue to allow the connectivity issues and glitches that many of their games include, gamers might just throw away hope that EA can fix their games at all. 

I’m not hating on EA. I actually like a few of their games and play them regularly, but they need their next round of games to salvage their good reputation Or they might be done for.

What are your thoughts on how important Star Wars Battlefront is to EA’s future? Do you think they can ever make it back into our good graces? Let me know in the comments!

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