The early access for Minecraft: Education Edition is available now.

Will the early access of Minecraft: Education Edition differ from Minecraft?

The early access for Minecraft: Education Edition is available now.

Minecraft: Education Edition was first announced earlier this year, and now the early access is here. It’s currently free to download for educators to use in classrooms so tell your teachers, guys, because there’s learning that can come from playing this video game in school!

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You’re probably wondering how it’s different from the non-educational version of Minecraft so let’s get into it:

  • There will be non-playable characters (like the picture above), that can be used as a guide to give information, hints, or a link to an external source to continue the lesson.
  • A camera and portfolio were developed so students can capture their work and place it in a portfolio that will keep track of their progression. It’s an easy way for students to prove they’ve been doing what they’re supposed to.
  • Up to thirty students will be able to work together in the Minecraft world without needing a separate server.
  • A chalkboard has been added to the gave so the teacher can provide instructions with a classical approach.

The complete version of the game will be available for purchase in September, and will cost in between $1 – $5 per user. The video game is thought to go through a lot of changes between now and then as more will be added based on educator feedback. For information on how to install Minecraft: Education Edition, you can visit their website.

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