ArcheAge 2.0 launching September 12th brings new content, servers

ArcheAge is about to enter new territory with its 2.0 update, server merges, and new servers.

ArcheAge is still alive and kicking, and the game's finally getting the big 2.0 content update that brings the political system, guild battles, and more bells and whistles for the game's dedicated crafters.

Fans have been in a state of unrest due to ArcheAge's slow updates on the international servers, mostly due to the lack of the 1.8 patch. Those of you not in the know (but still avid players) will be happy to find out that September 12's patch includes 1.8 up to 2.0; making this the heftiest update the game has seen to date.

Along with the new content comes server Evolutions, which are essentially low-population server merges; and two brand-new servers to give the adventurous the chance to get a "launch-like" experience. If you've had an inkling to give ArcheAge a try and are willing to spend the $15 for Patron, the new server launches will be the best time to get started since the game's actual launch.

ArcheAge is about to get even bigger than it already is, and that in itself is sort of mind-boggling. While I and many other players have more than a few qualms with the game, there has never been a problem with having too little to do. 2.0 is only going to make Labor and time management more of a pain, but hopefully it will be worth it.

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Published Aug. 30th 2015

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