New Arms Fighter "Lola Pop" Announced

A new face enters the Arms ring soon; and she's a candy clown wielding nunchucks known as Lola Pop.

Adding even further to the roster of recent quirky 1-on-1 fighting game Arms, Nintendo has announced another new DLC fighter coming to the roster, and she is a candy clown named Lola Pop.

Lola is the second free DLC fighter to be added to the Arms roster -- the first being the game's original final boss character, the bulky and egotistical Max Brass. Like every other character in the game, Lola has a set of unique techniques as well as interchangeable arms to utilize -- all of which the trailer above shows off.

Lola has three new sets of arms, many of which appear somewhat similar to existing arms, but are still unique to her. She has a set of nunchaku arms that spin around and appear to effectively block punches, a set that stamps her opponents face and temporarily obscures their vision, and a set that acts as a shield. Her special ability seems to be the ability to inflate her clown suit in order to block attacks while still being able to move around and position herself.

No word has been given by Nintendo as to when the update with Lola will be released. But it is confirmed that just like the update for Max Brass last month, it will be free to all players.

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Published Aug. 22nd 2017

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