Exploding Kittens Destroys Records

The game about cute little exploding kittens has destroyed a few Kickstarter records.

Now that the campaign is complete, the card game Exploding Kittens has made plenty of Kickstarter firsts.

Highest Funded Gaming Project. Ever.

With over $8.7 Million in backing, Exploding Kittens stands as the 3rd highest funded Kickstarter ever. They even beat out the OUYA game system that earned nearly $8.6 million and a few movie projects including Veronica Mars. The only two projects it didn't beat were a cooler that acts like a portable refrigerator and a customizable watch using E-Paper. Exploding Kittens is now the top gaming project on Kickstarter edging out the OUYA and smashing previous gaming records of the Conan board game from Monolith Board Games at $3.3 Million and Wasteland 2 at $2.9 Million.

The Most Backers.

Most of the top-funded projects on Kickstarter hover just over 60,000 backers. Exploding Kittens gathered 219,382 backers for their project. That number can include $1 donations that don't even get a copy of the product, but so do the measly 60,000 backers the other projects earned. They were also able to unlock 30 stretch goals during their campaign. That and the fact they were 87,000% funded are both side effects of their original goals more than records they could set.

Kindest Kickstarter Ever?

There isn't really a way to weigh this one, but the design team decided to share their love of cats and donated pizza parties to cat shelters across the country as a thanks for the work those people do. Over 50 shelters were donated pizza and surely a few cats actually ate a slice.

Picture is direct from kickstarter

Through all the funding goals, the game became two games with a NSFW version that was going to be an expansion becoming a full-size game on its own.

Other Records Smashed.

  • It only took two days to become the most funded card game
  • They raised $2 Million in 24 hours and $3 Million in 3 days
  • 10,000% funded with $1 million in less than 7 hours

The creators cite a large part of their success to the abilities of Matthew, creator of The Oatmeal, and his fan base for running away with the project. Congratulations to the Exploding Kittens team! Remember, records are made to be broken!


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Published Feb. 20th 2015

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