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No man is an island, but it's hard to deny the temptation to escape to one. What you'd do and how you'd survive there has always been a popular topic of daydreams and conversations -- and Minecraft allows us to act out our desert island scenarios in a little more detail.

That's why we've gathered a dozen of the best Minecraft island seeds, spanning everything from Swiss Family Robinson-style uninhabited paradises to smaller, more survival-focused beginnings.

Spawn facing the ocean

Seed: 100385962

Turn around on spawning and you'll find yourself on the outskirts of a village. Beyond it you'll find a grove of trees to get you started. There's also plenty of livestock and, at the opposite end of the island, a deep ravine that's perfect for exploring.

Spawn near the summit of a mountain

Seed: -969535336

If you're after adventure set against a spectacular backdrop, this island seed will be right up your alley. You'll spawn atop a mountain, among the clouds, and will need to carefully make your way down the mountain to explore the rest of this gorgeous island.


Spawn on a bunny island

Seed: -1995673130

I mean, from a certain angle, these islands look like bunnies. You could make an argument for the island on the right being shaped like a T-rex with a stubby tail. Squint a little harder and you can make a compelling case for it being shaped like the reptillian sidekick of a reputable tradesman.

A yoshi-shaped island. A Yoshi's Island, if you will.

It's a shame there are no bunnies on this stripped back pair of survival islands.

Spawn within sight of Mushroom Islands

Seed: 109334334481491182

Feel like taking a swim? There is a mushroom biome a short paddle away from your more conventional starting island. Run away from society and commune with the mooshrooms.


Spawn near the edge of a taiga island

Seed: 881540716050248329

A tiger island might be more exciting, but it's still pretty great to see the taiga biome on an island. An exposed pool of lava makes things a little more know, if your idea of a good Saturday night is a forest fire. Smokey would be so upset with you, but hey -- it's a judgment-free zone here.

Spawn near the crest of a hill

Seed: 900615387419784302

This tiny survival island provides an excellent vantage point for the swamplands nearby. Try not to think too hard about swamplands being in the middle of the ocean.

There's a generous amount of trees to get you started, with more to be found among the swamp. This will kickstart your expedition into this unusual landmass.


Spawn on a small, empty island

Seed: 1932176428914146755

You're a hop, skip, and a doggypaddle away from picturesque flower fields. Harsh seabreezes have done nothing to stop these flowers from flourishing.

You might starve to death, sure, but you'll be able to make an excellent stained glass mural before you do.

Spawn on a tiny island

Seed: 3366408241916580461

From your starting island, you'll be able to spot an ocean monument -- and very little else. There are trees to be found, but to get to them, you'll have to brave the monument's guardians.

This island seed is great for players who like an uphill battle right from the start.


Spawn in the middle of a cluster of islands

Seed: -4290515291494955158

Space and resources are both at a premium in this seed. If you want to build, you'll need to head deep underground for the materials needed. The smaller islands surrounding the central island are about the same size as an inner-city apartment, so why not build your first high-rise?

Spawn in a field of sunflowers

Seed: 4595937241009089821

This island seed offers a much gentler start than others of its kind. There are both trees and sheep, which means that you're either off to a great start or planning a game of Settlers of Catan.

From the island, it's also easy to see the nearby ocean monument.

Spawn on a small, steep island

Seed: -6185261765285097501

You're not alone on this island. Sharing the already small space with you is a group of cows. Anybody who has lived with housemates can most likely relate to this scenario.

North of the island is an ocean monument, and there are plenty of other small islands to explore. This Minecraft island seed has a bit of a Wind Waker vibe.

Spawn sandwiched between two ocean monuments

Seed: -8490482450382478731

The elusive double rainbow might incite more euphoria, but a double monument promises far more adventure -- and loot. Initial resources are plentiful, ensuring a smooth start for your adventure.

These monuments are a submerged part of a modest archipelago, setting the tone for an island-hopping journey.

Island seeds always make for interesting, exploration-based playthroughs. Share any great seeds with us in the comments below. If you've tried one of the ones listed, we'd love to hear about your experiences with them!

Published Mar. 15th 2016

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