The Next Returning Character in Mortal Kombat X Revealed

Quan Chi makes his return to Mortal Kombat X, showing off some of his sorcerer skills on Kano in the new reveal trailer.

Ed Boon revealed today that the tattooed, malicious, wicked sorcerer of the NetherRealm, Quan Chi will be returning in the next instalment of the Mortal Kombat series, Mortal Kombat X.

For the last few days Ed Boon has been teasing the Mortal Kombat community about the next reveal after putting up a countdown until October 2nd.

Due to a photo revealed a few weeks ago, most gamers though the reveal would be the 4-armed half-dragon/half-human Goro, but it comes as no surprise to see Quan Chi will be playable in his 7th Mortal Kombat game.  

Revealed in the trailer above, Quan Chi touts three unique fighting styles: Warlock, Sorcerer, and Summoner. Selecting the Sorcerer fighting type grants you the ability to cast powerful spells that occupy targeted areas or increase your strength, while the Warlock fighting type gives you the ability to open dark portals, extending attacks and special moves to create unpredictable combos. Finally, the Summoner variation has the ability to summon a beast from the NetherRealm aid him in Kombat.

Quan Chi strolls into battle on his demonic goat (also making its MK debut), looking more ready than ever to open up a can of whooping on fellow Mortal Kombat X wrongdoer Kano.

Other returning characters are Scorpion and Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kano, and (most likely) Goro. New faces shown so far are the duo Ferra &Torr, war god Kotal Kahn, Cassie Cage (the daughter of Sonya and Johnny Cage), as well as the "bug lady" D'Vorah.

Mortal Kombat X will release April 2015 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Will you serve him in the NetherRealm?

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Published Oct. 2nd 2014

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