FFXIV 6.3 Brings Omega Protocol (Ultimate) to the Fray

This week's FFXIV patch brought the newest Ultimate fight to the game featuring Omega-M and Omega-F.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.31 came out hot on the heels of 6.3, and while it's a heck of a lot smaller patch, it brought with it something many Warriors of Light leaning more towards raiding than glam fanaticism have been waiting for.

In FFXIV patch 6.31 comes the Omega Protocol (Ultimate) fight, open only to those who have cleared Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage).

The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) pits you against Omega-M and Omega-F in a fight that will require joining more learning parties than you'll know what to do with, but the effort will be worth it.

Those who clear this fight will be granted a special Adventurer Plate as well as get an Omega Totem to put towards the new Ultimate Omega weapons. You can only get one Omega Totem to put towards one of these weapons per week, and they can be exchanged at Nesvaaz at (10.6,10.0) in Radz-at-Han.

The 6.3 patch also included some bug fixes, but the real meat is on those Omega bones (though Omega has no bones). The weekly limit on Omega Totems will be lifted in the future with patch 6.4. Check out our FFXIV guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Jan. 27th 2023

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