Mortal Kombat X celebrates first anniversary on mobile devices with a massive content update

Mortal Kombat X has been around on mobile devices for one year, and Warner Bros. Interactive announced a content update is in order to celebrate.

Yesterday was Mortal Kombat X's first anniversary on mobile devices, and Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that they're celebrating one year of success with the game's largest content update since it launched.

The game was released on iOS and Android in April of 2015 as a free to play card battle/fighter hybrid. By playing the mobile game, players could obtain content in the console version, and vice versa.

The mobile update includes:

  • New Faction Store and Currency: a new type of currency known as Blood Rubies has been implemented, and can be used in the new Faction Store. Leaderboards have been improved and Faction War Seasons have become more frequent, thus giving players more opportunities to win.
  • Two new Gold characters and more equipment: Kobu Jetsu Tanya and Dark Emperor Liu Kang are joining the fray, and new equipment like the Bloody Shokan Armor and Bloody Tomahawk are up for grabs
  • Five new challenge characters will be added as time passes, including challenges to unlock new skins
  • Performance Improvements
  • Improved matchmaking system and balances to various characters

As an extra present for fans, all players of the mobile version will also receive the exclusive Fujin's support card as well as a pack of Souls just by playing the game.


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Published May. 14th 2016

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