Dead Space on iOS Not a Deadpan Game

Want to play Dead Space but don't have an Xbox or PS3? No worries, it's pretty good on iOS too if your PC can't run it!

One day, I was just chilling in the App store on my iPod touch, and I saw that Dead Space was free! I've been meaning to play the game for a while now but never got around to it. I don't have a PS3 or Xbox, so all I have is my laptop which can't run games on high graphics. Anyway, I downloaded the game on my iPod and I wasn't really expecting much, but I was really surprised at how well it looked and how smooth the movements were. 

The interface is really fancy and the graphics still surprise me. It even logs in your gameplay time just like on the consoles or PC! Even cooler, you can make up to three profiles. Not bad for an iPhone game, right? 

A sweet add-on is the choice of language. You get to choose from English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, so if English isn't your first language, you can still enjoy the game!  

Alright, so after you've gone through all the settings you could possibly adjust and maybe learned some words in another language, it's time to actually play the game! 

The gameplay and controls are not complicated and although it took some getting used to at first, they're fairly simple and accurate. Some iOS games, like the Sonic games, used a mini joystick on the side which wasn't as responsive and made controlling your character a challenge. It was more like getting frustrated that your character wasn't doing what he was supposed to rather than enjoying the game, but not in Dead Space. Here, you just hold your finger on the screen on the left and you walk and slide it upwards a bit to run. To look around, you use your right-hand finger to swipe back and forth. Swipe up or down when the symbols show up to do so while killing Necromorphs. Simple, right? You can even adjust the look sensitivity and invert Y axis in Dead Space, as well as turn subtitles and hints on or off, and did I mention it has auto-reload? Pretty legit. 

Now, here's the really cool part.

There are four different ways to play the game: story mode, by chapter, endless, or five minutes to kill. I'd suggest playing through the story first (you can't play chapters you haven't unlocked yet), but that's just because I like following storylines in games. In this game, it's not necessary, so feel free to just enjoy killing bad guys in five minutes to kill or test your skills in endless (there's no auto health regeneration)! The sound is also spectacular if you play with your headphones in. 

The only complaint I have about this game is that while shooting, there's no auto-lock on and the choice of guns and the amount of ammo you have. It runs out quick and sometimes when you just want to open a door by tapping, you end up shooting a precious bullet. Luckily, if you explore, you'll find ammo fairly frequently. 

I've only played until Chapter 3 so far, but it's definitely a game I'm planning on continuing playing. I've noticed most iOS games tend to lag at times or freeze and crash, but this one doesn't. Good job developers, keep it up! 

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Want to play Dead Space but don't have an Xbox or PS3? No worries, it's pretty good on iOS too if your PC can't run it!

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Published Jul. 19th 2013
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    They took it off the App Store or I can't find it

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