Fire Emblem Heroes Navarre & Robin (F) Grand Hero Battles Return for a Limited Time

Previous Grand Hero Battles are back. Whether you missed these characters or aced both missions, this event is still worth your time.

Intelligent Systems is now kicking off an event "Grand Hero Battle Revival" for Fire Emblem Heroes. During this event, 2 Grand Hero Battles from the past will be made available again for an entire week, to allow you to attain them again if you hadn't already. This event officially started at 2 am MT on April 24 and will end at 2 am MT on May 2.

During this event, new quests will also be made available. The quests either reward you with another copy of either Female Robin or Navarre -- or event with orbs. Many of the quests task you with accomplishing varying difficult tasks. For instance, having Alfonse on your team when you beat Female Robin or using a Navarre to beat a level 40 Navarre. I never said they were easy or practical.

Either way, this should provide some interesting challenges while also giving you extra copies of these characters just in case you wanted to "inherit" their abilities away to other characters. In particular, Female Robin's Blue Tomebreaker is one such skill that might be useful for inheritance, especially considering how popular and powerful the blue mage Linde is.

Stay on the look out for guides to both the Navarre and Female Robin coming out within the next day.

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Published May. 31st 2017

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