The 10 Best Gaming Chairs for PC Gamers in 2017

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Herman Miller Embody Chair with Balance Textile

Price: $1,460
Buy it on: Amazon

If your wallet is bottomless, the absolute best chair out there is the Herman Miller Embody Chair with the Balance Textile. Not only does this sturdy, comfortable, ergonomic chair move as you shift like the Steelcase Gesture does, but it also has a special Textile fabric that prevents heat buildup against your back.

This is the magic chair that will cure the discomfort you experience while gaming or working for long hours. With the adjustable lumbar support that the Steelcase Gesture was missing, there's absolutely nothing better.

If you find yourself the owner of a Herman Miller Embody Chair, your back will thank you for it well into old age.

Published Nov. 10th 2017

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