[Video] Next Generation MMO Games: What's Next for Multiplayer Trends?

What is the next generation of MMOs going to be like and how will they affect the MMO landscape as a whole?

This year's PAX East was graced with our Next Gen MMO panel! It was epic fun and quite interesting.

Thanks to our great panelists (from left to right on stage):

With this panel you get to hear, right from the developers, where they think the industry as a whole will go as we roll into the next generation of MMOs.

Topics Covered:
  • Why do you love your job? 1:50
  • What do you see as the strongest evolutionary force in MMOs right now? What impact will it have? 3:50
  • What do you consider the most effective business model? Do you think we'll see any new business models in the next five years? 8:00
  • Player generated content? 15:10
  • How are MOBAs changing the landscape for MMOs? 22:05
  • What do you see as the biggest challenge facing MMOs in the next five years? 28:30
  • What do you imagine for the future of MMOs? 34:05
  • Audience Questions 39:40

Again thanks to our awesome panelists and even more thanks to the seemingly endless line of people who attended!

Published Apr. 16th 2014

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