Type Changing Pokemon on the Way in Sun and Moon

This feathery little friend transforms depending on your location in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is still on the way, but details are constantly coming out, each one bringing something new and exciting to the game. The latest of which is the Oricorio, a unique little bird that likes to mix things up.

In a video release, this little guy/girl was revealed along with his/her interesting quirk. This Pokemon transforms based on your location -- meaning when you change islands, Oricorio changes too. Four islands equals four Oricorios and four different types, each inspired by a version of dance. A fiery baile (fire type), an electrifying pom-pom (electric), a hypnotic pa'u (psychic) and haunting sensu (ghost) are all yours to play with.

While this means that having a team of each different bird is impossible, the precedent this sets is exciting and makes your in-game location that much more important. Just another reason to anticipate the latest Pokemon game and all it has to offer.


Published Aug. 1st 2016

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