Fallout 4: How to obtain the Cryolator from the very start

How to obtain the Cryolator at the start of the game!

Fallout 4 has officially released to the public and many have forgotten the warm embrace of the sun on their skin in pursuit of losing themselves in the Wasteland. It comes as no surprise, as Bethesda's latest open world hit is a massive game, full of opportunity. There's a lot of new additions to the series in the latest installment of the Fallout franchise, one of the more notable being the weapons. Particularly the Cryolator.

In good video game fashion, the Cryolator is an ominous gun that's shown to players at the very beginning of the game, locked behind what looks to be Mr. Freeze's safe in Vault 111. This gun has the ability to freeze most enemies solid, usually resulting in a one-hit kill. It's overpowered and we love it. It's naturally unobtainable behind the master lock that guards it and taunts players, with the protagonist even declaring that they'll come back for it later. The master lock picking skill can be obtained at level 18, however players won't have to wait that long anymore.

Youtube user Freeki11 has seemingly found the silver lining of Fallout's post-launch glitches that shows how to obtain the Cryolator right from the start.

How to Get the Cryolator:

The process is ridiculously simple and obviously a glitch in the game and not an actual intended secret. Once players leave the Vault for the first time, travel down to Red Rocket Truck Stop, where you'll run into Dogmeat (only called Dog at this point). Dogmeat will follow you around, fighting enemies and finding loot for you. Players also have the ability to manually direct their companion to search for things or go to certain areas.

The key here is to head back down into the Vault (yes, already) and find the Cryolator in it's safe. Standing next to it, command your dog to search for items by selecting 'talk', 'fetch', then 'items' Hilarity ensues as Dogmeat will sniff around briefly before taking the Cryolator in his mouth and phasing it through it's case. Just like that, Dogmeat has become The Vision.

It's that simple. Now dive back in. We'll call you when the 2016 ball drops.


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Published Nov. 12th 2015
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    You must command him to fetch items on console in order for him to go down into the vault with you on Xbox One. But yes, it works lol!

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