Dota 2 Reporter debuts its season 4 premiere...and finale

Popular YouTube series, "The DOTA 2 Reporter" began and ended its fourth season in a single episode. "Season 5" will begin this month.

"The Dota 2 Reporter," a popular animated web series depicting a single game of Dota 2 each season, recently posted its fourth season opener.  It started typically enough - the Radient and Dire teams warp in and announce themselves. Except one didn't.

The Radient team had a missing member, that is to say, until Invoker (last seen season 2) dropped in, then promptly left again after seeing series regular, Enigma.  

Seaons are typically about 20 episodes in length, so when the latest offering began with characters rapidly disconnecting, one's first thought that AFK players were this was simply this season's theme.  Until everyone disconnected and the game ended and with it, Season 4 of "The Dota 2 Reporter".  

The interesting thing is, I'm a fan of this series and I don't play Dota 2.  I don't even particularly like it - I'm a League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm player through and through. But I enjoy "The Dota 2 Reporter" because so many of the jokes can be applied to all MOBAs - such as last hitting, raging teammates and the crushing blow to morale that comes with giving up first blood. Would I prefer there was a similarly long running series centered around League or Heroes?  Of course! But for now, this works just fine and provides an outlet where I can laugh at myself (because seriously, we've all been every character in that series).

Happily, series creator (and main voice actor) Brian "Wronchi" Calland stated at the end that new episodes would be returning later this month, and we can get our fix of fictional Dota 2 shoutcasting with Nigel and the gang soon enough. 

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Published Aug. 8th 2015

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