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A look at, the newest .io game from the creator of the hit game

The creator of the acclaimed .io game,, has just released his latest brainchild -- and it looks spectacular. Because of the success of both and other .io games, will most likely be a big hit within the community. But will it be the biggest?

A Quick Overview of

If you ever played, then things will feel somewhat similar, but for those of you that haven't, I'll break it down for you.

You start the game as a "car," although it looks more like a computer mouse. Behind you is a tail and attached to that is a flail. As with most .io games, the object of the game is to simply kill everyone else and gain the top spot on the leaderboard. You can, of course, kill other players to gain points or you can eat the little triangular creatures that spawn. Doing any of these things makes your flail grow -- and you more dangerous.

The little creatures seem to have some basic AI, as they will not mindlessly allow you to kill them. Instead, they will avoid you -- which makes things a little more interesting.

To kill a player or the creatures, you can try and position your flail so that it hits them. This can be done by moving your car around. Or, and this is the more fun option, you can attempt to smash your target with your flail by driving toward them at speed and detaching it. This will send your flail hurtling through the world, killing anything it hits. Oh and don't worry, you can get your flail back. Just click and hold the mouse.

All the above would constitute a pretty good .io game on its own, but as expected from the developer of, we get more.

The map is littered with obstacles, food dispensers, traps, and all manner of hazards. Plus the visuals are really nice; The graphics are clean and simple and the animations and effects give the game more life.


Already garnering a lot of support from the community and I am sure we will see Miniclip joining in very soon. Will it become one of the biggest games? Sadly was released very closely behind the release of, a game that is positively exploding right now. That may see receiving a slightly quieter debut than expected. As with all new game releases, only time will tell.


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Published Mar. 30th 2017

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