Arceus is August's legendary Pokemon reveal for Pokemon's 20th anniversary celebration

Arceus is the legendary Pokemon for August in the famous game series' 20th anniversary celebration.

For the past few months, legendary Pokemon have been released in one form or another for the 20th anniversary of the world-famous Pokemon franchise. This month's legendary is none other than the God of Pokemon itself -- Arceus!

Arceus is one of the more powerful legendary Pokemon and was first revealed in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, where it was shown that different "Plates" could be equipped to it to change its overall type. Arceus has made appearances in other Pokemon games as well, but this will be one of the few times it is being given away to all Pokemon users in a worldwide event. 

Arceus will be available for August 1-24, and will be Level 100. It will come with the ability "Multitype" and its moveset will include Judgement, Recover, Hyper Beam, and Perish Song. Arceus will only be obtainable for those who have copies of Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon: Omega Ruby, and Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire. 


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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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